Since its initial creation by August Hörmann in 1886, Hörmann has built on its humble beginnings to become a global powerhouse in the industrial sector, providing the highest quality products and aftersales services for Europe’s leading logistics developers. Last month we visited Hörmann’s iconic training and exhibition centre, The Forum in Steinhagen, Germany, as part of Hörmann UK’s 40th anniversary to find out more about its heritage, whilst also discovering the company’s latest innovations for the industrial sector.

First constructed in 1949, Hörmann’s global headquarters in Steinhagen have rapidly expanded from a small workshop into a state of the art production and design hub, housing the very latest technology and engineering. With 28 production facilities across the globe, employing over 6,000 professionals, Hörmann places significant importance on the continuous development of products, solutions and services for the industrial market, working closely with developers and end users to ensure its products offer unrivalled performance and efficiency.

For 2019, Hörmann has launched a new suite of products for the industrial market, including its new docking assistant system (DAP), which offers reliable vehicle recognition for fast and safe docking and is compatible with all loading points across the site.

Featuring a door release for docked lorries and release for onward travel after the door closes, the system offers the highest standards in safety and security, whilst providing additional protection against collision damage.

The heavy-duty arm is available with one or two photocells, supported by an adjustable switching range and optional LED warning light that is mounted right on the arm. Usability is also enhanced by the opportunity to connect the system to an external warning light or inflatable dock seal for automatic operation.

Other innovations include Hörmann’s new control MWBC offering, which provides a range of combinations including its wheelblocking system MWB, or wheel chock with sensor WSPG in a single control unit. This is partnered with a status message in the building via LED control lights with both red or green light variations. The system can also be connected to a signal horn for acoustic warnings in case of malfunctions or lack of wheel contact.

Hörmann also now offers certified loading houses, CE-compliant with overall construction resistant to working stresses in accordance with the requirements of the Construction Products Regulation. The loading houses offer lean design inside and outside, whilst also being designed for roof load bearing capacities up to 1 kN/m² or 3 kN/m² as standard.

Looking ahead to 2020, Hörmann is focusing on developing its popular range of industrial operators and control systems to offer building owners easy-to–access servicing systems, specifically designed to minimise service visits, as well as providing fast troubleshooting via an online portal. This builds on its SmartControl technology for highspeed industrial doors, which was also launched in January.


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