Jungheinrich has set itself the goal of reducing the number of accidents in intralogistics and places the issue of safety for staff and warehouse permanently in the forefront. Assistance systems can help identify critical situations in advance and minimise the risk of accidents. With zoneCONTROL and addedVIEW, Jungheinrich offers two assistance systems that both increase safety in the warehouse and improve the efficient operation of warehouse processes

The assistance system zoneCONTROL consists of a stationary radio beacon and a mobile component on the truck including a display and a module for operators. As well as providing warnings of trucks and people in congested areas, it is also possible to regulate traffic so when truck volumes are high in this area, the maximum speed is reduced to crawl speed. The same radio beacon can also be connected to the control module of a hall gate so that it opens when an authorised truck approaches and remains closed to unauthorised trucks. The driver of the respective truck receives a message on the assistance display of the truck, but the truck can also be automatically reduced to crawl speed. In addition, traffic lights or warning lights can be connected to provide information to the surrounding. zoneCONTROL can be flexibly adapted to the specific needs of the warehouse and is highly scalable. The system can be used manufacturer-independently also for existing trucks. All functions of zoneCONTROL can be covered with the same components.

addedVIEW is a digital camera allround vision system. It is suitable as an assistance system specifically for counterbalanced trucks. Digital camera technology is especially good at responding to difficult lighting conditions by dynamically adjusting the exposure parameters. Excessively overexposed or underexposed image reproduction, for example in lightdark transitions between the outer and inner regions of the warehouse, is thereby avoided and the driver always gets a brilliant picture. In addition, the use of digital cameras allows the image streams of the four individual cameras to convert into a common image in real time and in such a way that the driver can see his truck from a bird’s eye view. Thanks to addedVIEW, the driver can navigate safely and quickly even in tight, congested situations with this all-round view.