New Star VFD electric chain hoists with load-dependent, infinitely variable speed control from 2 to 36 m/min are now available from Liftket. In some applications, even speeds up to 48 m/min are possible. Moving with no load, the hoists can be operated with up to 200 % of the nominal speed, much faster than established products. As a result, users save a lot of time. The new series is suitable for loads from 125 to 2000 kg. Liftket ships individually configured chain hoists within 15 working days. These are available with either two speed settings or with infinitely variable speed control via analog pushbuttons. In this new series, the brake engages instantly, without ramp-down. This facilitates precise positioning and also saves time compared to conventional products.

The new electric chain hoist enables continuous speed adjustment up to 36 m/min and has a display for operating and maintenance status indicators.

The Star VFD is also the first chain hoist with an integrated status display for operating hours and remaining service life.

Therefore, it is not necessary to open the housing for maintenance requirement checks. Moreover, the display provides immediate information with no need to connect a computer. This decreases the maintenance effort and costs. The new speed control functionality is enabled by a frequency inverter that was designed specifically for this application. It is integrated in an electric chain hoist from the established Star series whose mechanics have been thoroughly tested and proven in hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide. The Star VFD has successfully passed the field test and is now in series production.