Welcome to the March 1st Warehouse & Logistics News. Looking through this issue it’s clear people in this industry are steeling themselves for life after March 29th and continuing to invest in equipping their operations.


In our Buildings/Facilities feature companies are increasingly looking for flexible storage space, in anticipation of post-Brexit hold ups. Rubb Buildings are among those benefiting from an uplift in requirements for temporary and smaller storage structures.

Britain’s builders’ merchants and DIY sheds will also still be going strong after Brexit. CopriSystems has installed a number of its structures at Travis Perkins’ sites nationwide to free up internal space for picking systems, conveyor belts and other equipment, handling products of different shapes and sizes coming from distribution centres working 24/7. While we’re talking about temporary buildings, don’t miss John Drake, Divisional Director of Spaciotempo in our Quote Unquote.

In our Cold Storage & Distribution feature BID Group has completed a major contract with a national grocery retailer to install 74 Klimate K2 High Speed Freezer Doors at the retailer’s new dedicated national frozen food distribution facility at Prologis Park, Northampton. Also in the feature, cold chain operations face tougher legislation now, making monitoring temperature and humidity essential. FilesThruTheAir’s wireless monitoring solutions help, raising alerts and recording temperature data in the cloud.

In our Pallets feature Pallite argue the case for paper pallets, including theirs, which they say remain as strong throughout their lifespan as when they leave the factory. Talking of working better, we have stories in the news pages about making the industry safer and greener. First, Talent in Logistics, in partnership with official sponsors UniCarriers UK, are using the forthcoming IMHX exhibition to host their first ever live Forklift Operator Challenge, open to qualified counterbalance lift truck operators.

Next up, Advanced Handling, the lifting and handling solutions manufacturer, has launched a new website with features educating customers about the risks associated with manual handling in the workplace. As they point out, musculo-skeletal conditions, including those caused by manual handling, account for over a third of all work-related illnesses, hence the need to invest in suitable equipment.

In our environmentally minded times the batteries for material handling equipment also need to be recycled properly. So congratulations to Aurelius, featured on our front cover, who won two awards for their patented green battery recycling at the Rushlight Awards, the Resource Innovation Award and Clean Environment Award, for the development of their clean battery recycling technology and the resulting superior lead product, sold back to battery manufacturers to produce more energy-dense lead acid Batteries.

And finally we would like to thank Hörmann, Europe’s leading industrial and garage door provider, currently celebrating their fortieth anniversary in the UK, who invited WLN on a visit to its German headquarters for a factory tour and a presentation of its current range including various wicket doors, which got lost in translation and we thought were ‘wicked’! However you pronounce them, with 8.1 million reported incidents of crime in the wholesale and retail sector in 2017, Hormann’s systems are doing a good job protecting Britain’s businesses from the criminally minded.


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