Cardboard boxes tend to live a very short life, most fulfil their destiny in helping to protect and deliver products from A to B but any surplus boxes wait around for weeks, months and even years before they are either used for their original purpose or despatched to the cardboard baler.

Redundant stocks can grow quickly for a multitude of reasons, contracts are won and lost, specifications change, buyers over-order, marketing overestimates sales… all of these scenarios mean warehouses get clogged with pallet loads of redundant stocks that will never be used.

So what next? Disposal by baling is the obvious route and will free up space but the fluctuating price contributes very little value compared to the original buy price, so what’s the solution? Time to talk to Sadlers!

Sadlers are the UK’s largest processors of new and used boxes, rescuing millions from the baler each year. The Birmingham based company offer substantially higher rates for redundant cardboard boxes regardless of whether they are branded or not. They will collect in a palletised format saving time and money compared to the costly, labour intensive baling process. In addition, the process is environmentally friendly, diverting the material up the Waste Hierarchy to reuse is a much more acceptable than recycling and de-classifies the material from waste.

Gavin Sadler, who is part of the third generation of Sadlers says “We are trying to raise awareness of the fact that there is an alternative, a financially beneficial disposal route that is environmentally friendly and reduces waste”.

As well as buying redundant stock Sadlers reclaim used cardboard boxes helping some of the UK’s largest manufacturers and distributors divert their cardboard waste to reuse.

Gavin adds “We have a wealth of experience in this market offering tailored solutions to reduce cost, reduce waste and increase revenue. Also the financial benefits are guaranteed for the long term with reuse rates fixed for up to three years.”

The baled cardboard market saw significant price drops in 2018 so for companies generating large volumes of used cardboard boxes there has never been a better time to divert to reuse. Whether you are looking to sell a one off supply of redundant packaging or improve the return for cardboard waste, Sadlers appear to have the best solution.


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