Sidetracker Engineering Ltd is a specialist materials handling equipment manufacturer aiming to provide solutions in specialised applications that are not within the remit of other manufacturers.

Based in Derbyshire, Sidetracker has been under the same family ownership since it was originally started in 1963 by Peter Dobson, continued by his son David Dobson and now with his grandson Sam Dobson as Managing Director. They have a comprehensive plan to develop the company further into the next 55 years.

Since the earliest days reliability has been one of the most important considerations, because it was recognised that unlike general purpose fork lift trucks – a high proportion of customers would only operate a single Sidetracker and they would usually not be able to borrow a suitable machine from the next door company.

It is this design principle that led to the inclusion of dual power systems on every model, which enables them to operate without loss of load capacity or lift height, even if one power unit is removed for repair. For the same reason, the trucks continue to use electro-hydraulic control systems rather than electronics, which can still be adversely affected by rough surfaces and the treatment trucks typically receive.

Traditional high quality British Engineering has unfortunately declined over recent years, however Sidetracker continues this high quality tradition with continually updated and improved internal components, together with attention to detail, in order to provide exactly the specification customers need.

The rugged simplicity of the batterypowered Sidetrackers also means they are able to operate outdoors, and many customers use them as multi-purpose load handlers, rather than solely for narrow aisle warehouse duties. The specification of the latest models makes them ever more versatile: load capacities now reach 10,000 kg and lift heights can be specified up to 15 metres in height.

Some companies still use the old Hunslet 4 way sideloaders, from many years ago (free road tax if used on a public road) not only can Sidetracker’s machines operate in the same aisles, we can also manufacture single deck machines where preferred offering an updated equivalent with modern safety features and larger more comfortable cab with rapid parts availability due to internal parts being used as standard across the range.

The range of products manufactured at our facility in Derbyshire has expanded in recent years in order to offer efficiency savings in many varying applications and we will continue to do so in the coming decades.

Sidetracker Engineering have recently manufactured specially designed operator controlled ride-on battery powered transporters. They operate in a traditional manufacturing works transferring copper tube between the goods-in area and several manufacturing areas. These units replaced two wartime armaments transporters which left the operators vulnerable if a collision occurred. The new transporters cover all modern safety requirements as well as being highly manoeuvrable and designed to fit through narrow and low doorways and operate across challenging surfaces. All the internal components are from Sidetracker’s standard range making the sourcing of any replacement parts quick and easy, since the transporters were made at Sidetrackers manufacturing facility in Derbyshire.

Where multi-directional sideloaders aren’t the relevant solution, we offer many other material handling solutions such as: high capacity standard reach trucks 3 to 6 tonnes capacity, Electric transport Platforms, 2 man-up order pickers, high capacity walk behind machines, Pallet De- Toppers, all of which designed to exceed customer requirements.

Free no obligation site surveys are always available, to advise on cost and space saving. Since we are an engineering company we can also manufacture the extras needed to make the solution as perfect as possible.


Bruce Eastman

Tel: 01246 810655



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