Burnetts Manufacturing used a third party logistics provider to store products off site and help facilitate their business growth. The inconvenience of managing stock off site however became a pressing issue and needed resolving.

As a trusted partner to some of the world’s most recognised and successful brands across a range of industries including oil and gas, automotive, battery and consumer packaging, Burnetts provide a complete solution for rubber, thermoplastic and silicone component requirements. One of the challenges they faced as a growing business was storage space.

3PL provider was an expensive enabler to business growth

Struggling for space amidst high demand for their plastic fabrication products and services, Burnetts were coping by using a 3PL provider. However, although this was an enabler to business growth, they were suffering from the high cost and inconvenience of managing their stock off site. “Off-site storage is a pain, if you have space on site an Aganto temporary building makes commercial and operational sense.” – Steve Leath, Burnett Manufacturing Limited Production Manager.

Aganto temporary buildings brought everything back in-house and on-site

Two Aganto temporary buildings, one 15m wide x 20m long x 5.2m eave height insulated and linked to their existing warehouse; and the second, 10m wide x 20m long x 5.2m eave height also insulated were installed.

The Aganto temporary building brought everything back in-house and on-site. The buildings were installed in days onto the existing concrete surface and Burnetts are now able to react more quickly to their customer demands and at a greatly reduced cost.