Few places can match the activity and movement of a warehouse and businesses of all kinds will usually have a warehouse of some form. You could rent a warehouse offsite or you could have your own personal onsite one it doesn’t really matter which type you have what does matter is how you ensure it is safe and secure space.

Warehouses come in a variety of sizes but even the smallest warehouse is sure to be pretty big. The whole idea of a warehouse is for them to hold and store things so they have to be reasonably large, don’t they? But one of the problems with warehouses is their security.

Warehouses due to their large size can be very hard to keep secure and businesses of all industries have suffered issues when it comes to warehouse security. So, how do personalised lanyards improve your warehouse’s security then?

Personalised Lanyards – How They Can Help

There are a lot of ways you can improve warehouse security but one of the most effective and in my opinion one of the most overlooked ways is by using personalised lanyards. Branded or Personalised lanyards might not seem like they would be hugely beneficial when it comes to security but they shouldn’t be underestimated and are extremely cost effective compared to other form or security.

Lanyards are a staple of many industries including places like hospitals, hotels, universities, colleges and many more. Lanyards are so commonplace in a number of different places because they allow for quick and easy identification.

They work in a similar manner to ID badges but lanyards offer greater visibility and give the organisation using them the added advantage of being able to personalise them. Lanyards come in many forms but they are usually designed to hold ID cards but there are greater options when it comes to personalisation.

Below I’ve outlined some of the ways businesses can use lanyards in their warehouses and gone into more depth about how they can improve security. So, without further ado let’s take a more detailed look at how personalised lanyards can help improve warehouse security.

They Are Quick and Convenient

Lanyards are sometimes overlooked when it comes to security which is a shame because they can be very helpful. Think about it whenever you walk around a place like a hospital or a university you can tell who works there or studies there very easily can’t you? Lanyards are very noticeable which is why they are often used in places or establishments that don’t require people to wear uniforms.

Lanyards offer people a quick and easy way to identify people which means you can tell at a glance who is supposed to be there and who isn’t. In a warehouse setting this ability to quickly and easily identify people is sure to come in handy.

Warehouses aren’t simply occupied by warehouses assistants many people will usually be passing through warehouses during the course of a normal day. And when you supply your staff with personalised lanyards you’ll be able to ensure the warehouse is more safe and secure. After all, if someone isn’t wearing a lanyard they will often be noticed very quickly.

This means there is less chance of people being able to infiltrate your warehouses and steal anything. Your staff will know to look for lanyards and if they see someone they don’t recognise not wearing one then they will likely know they are not meant to be in the warehouse. Lanyards will also be very useful for your security staff as well as it will help them ensure a more safe and secure environment.

They Can Be Personalised In A Number of Ways

Another great benefit to using lanyards to ensure the security of your warehouse is to harness the ability to customise and personalise them for your business. Some people/ businesses will avoid lanyards because they think they can be easily replicated by other people and therefore aren’t secure.

However, this all comes down to how your business uses them. For example, if you just opt for using plain black lanyards attached to a simple name badge then yes they are not very secure as someone could likely just buy their own similar lanyard attach it to a badge and then walk around your warehouse with minimal risk to them.

However, when you personalise the lanyards for your business/ warehouse then you increase their potential by a huge factor. There are a number of ways you can personalise lanyards to make them more effective when it comes to security. You could have your businesses logo stamped on them or even use different colours to represent different departments.

You can also use them in conjunction with photo ID cards as well which will be sure to improve security. As a bonus lanyards also help decrease the chances of ID cards getting lost of going missing because they are a more secure way of displaying them.

Other Benefits

So, I’ve already explained in-depth why I think lanyards are so very valuable when it comes to improving your warehouse security but that isn’t the only benefit you’ll get from these versatile tools. Lanyards are also a great way to ensure your business as a professional appearance.

Many businesses will do this by creating a uniform for staff to wear but this really isn’t appropriate for most warehouses and can be a very expensive endeavour to undertake as well. Lanyards, on the other hand, will do the same thing, while improving your warehouse security for a fraction of the price.

Lanyards can be made from many different materials which adds to your options when it comes to personalisation. You could opt to make your lanyards from a specific material which will make it even more difficult for people to manufacturer their own if they wanted to try and imitate a member of your staff so they could break into your warehouse.

Lanyards aren’t just name badge holders they are very valuable security tools and will help give your business a more professional appearance. They can be used in many different environments but are especially useful in large busy areas like warehouses.


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