The simple truth is that modular aluminium profiles are fundamentally industrial “mecanno” components.  Within given physical and mechanical design constraints the product can be used to construct almost any structure.  Whilst it is the case that most of us would most readily associate profile systems being used to construct machine safety cages and enclosures there are many other applications in the warehouse and logistics operation where the simplicity and flexibility of the systems can be put to most effective use.

Off the shelf and “make do” or customise to your exact need?

And here you are presented with a dilemma – is it more cost effective to buy standard equipment and then have to spend money of re-arranging the facility to shoehorn that solution in or is it in the long run more cost effective to seek a customised solution that will match exactly your requirements?

Basingstoke based MiniTec design and manufacture modular aluminium profile systems and accessories with an emphasis on creating for the customer exactly what he wants within the envelope specified.

Let us take a quick look at three very different applications for modular aluminium profile systems.

  1. Dynamic Flow racking – made to measure

MiniTec’s modular aluminium profile system is a very popular choice for manufacturing operations who are commissioning assembly lines and conveyor systems. The system is also perfect for warehouse racking and storage requirements, line-side FIFO racking and transport systems.  The modular nature of the product and extensive range of accessories allows for a very high degree of customisation in order to provide the customer with exactly what he requires for his operation.

This example illustrates a full scale flow rack system designed for a client to demonstrate how an intelligent retro-fitted stock monitoring system could be quickly and easily installed on flow racks.

  1. Online retail warehouse equipment

Another area where a modular profile system will deliver greater flexibility in design and application occurs in the extensive manual picking and moving operations associated with on-line retail warehousing operations.  The UKs leading on-line retailer has had a requirement for a customised design of trolley to assist in the picking operation where a variety of containers are needed to collect and transport orders to the next part of the operation. Careful selection of the right modular aluminium profiles which are then easily assembled using nothing more than an Allen key provided the right solution and demonstrates how a customised solution need not necessarily mean a complex and costly end product.

Sustainable solutions minimise wastage

Last but not least, an additional benefit is that precisely because these systems are “modular” means that they can be dismantled and re-built, modified or extended thus ensuring that the initial capital investment can continue to deliver a long-lasting return.

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