It’s the beginning of a new year, and for many businesses it’s a time when production costs and efficiencies are assessed. One area that’s likely to come under great scrutiny is shipping costs and in particular, protective packaging. Protective packaging is vital to ensuring that goods arrive at their destination totally intact, whether they are travelling 10 miles up the road or to the other side of the world.

Emerging competition, new products, digital technology and of course, sustainability, are leading many businesses to scrutinise the entire packaging process, and finding solutions that are more cost effective, versatile and, importantly, more service oriented.

Things to expect from a serviceled, packaging technology supplier

When considering purchasing new protective packaging technology to meet your long-term goals, you will want to firstly ensure that systems are:

• Reliable – has a proven track record of high-volume output

• Flexible – packaging can be used for all types of goods

• Scalable – systems can be easily adapted for different areas

• Sustainable – packaging is sourced sustainably

You should also expect your packaging solutions provider to deliver all of the many ongoing requirements that you will need to support your packing team and wider operations, throughout the life-cycle of your chosen solutions.

A service-led packaging solutions provider will deliver:

Consultancy – Expertise from packaging specialists and engineers

Design – Customised designs or system design layout

Manufacturing – Products that are manufactured and supported in the UK

Audits – Helping to reduce waste, space and inefficiency

Training – End user training to demonstrate different techniques, prevent overpacking and improve overall packing efficiency

Service and maintenance – Regular preventative maintenance and system cleaning

Relocation – Internal or external system relocation services

Adaptations – Integrate systems such as verticals, conveyors or hoppers

Consumables – Next day delivery, online ordering, stock holding

Emergency call out – The ability to provide same day service or replacement

Account management – Dedicated, local account manager

Communications – Regular updates about the packaging industry and latest technology.

If you’re going to invest in advanced packing technology this year, or in the future, you should expect nothing less than a total service from your provider. Not only will this give you peace of mind, a holistic service will improve your packaging efficiency, reduce your costs and provide you with valuable support all year round.

If your current protective packaging solutions provider can do all of the above, as part of their everyday service, then they’re probably called Pregis!


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