The ‘Talent in Logistics’ annual event enters its third round in 2019, and UniCarriers will again be sponsoring the ‘Forklift Operator of the Year’ competition held live at the event on 27th June 2019. This has now been announced by the international industrial truck manufacturer. At the live grand final, entrants will have to complete a number of interactive challenges, both theoretical and practical, to demonstrate their skill and talent in truck operating – with UniCarriers providing them with their TX3 electric counterbalance trucks. During the final heats at Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes (UK), a jury will answer the big question: Who will be the UK’s Forklift Operator of the Year 2019?

New TX3 in action @ Finals of Forklift Operator of the Year. © Talent in Logistics.

Industrial truck manufacturer UniCarriers will be sponsoring the grand final competition at the ‘Talent in Logistics’ conference 2019 for the third time in a row. With various panel discussions, workshops and Q&A-sessions offered, the event will follow its established format of the last two years – thus again rendering it the must-visit event within the logistics industry, dedicated to the recruitment, development, engagement and retention of employees. In 2019, however, the focus on competition will be larger than ever: awards will be granted in even more categories than before.

UniCarriers and ‘Talent in Logistics’ share a strong relationship

Ruth Edwards, Business Manager at Talent in Logistics, thanks UniCarriers for their continued support: ‘I am ecstatic to have UniCarriers on board as the official sponsor for our Forklift Operator of the Year competition. Here at Talent in Logistics we were very keen to continue the strong relationship we have developed with UniCarriers over the past three years, it is vital that the organisation we work with on this event shares our passion for recognising talented individuals who showcase safety and efficiency in their everyday role.’

UniCarriers considers the sponsorship of the ‘Talent in Logistics’ event and award as an opportunity to connect with people working in transport, warehousing and logistics, and to support such a prestigious event, the only one of its kind, is a privilege. Chris Bates comments at the 2018 finals ‘I’ve been asked whether I would actually recommend Talent in Logistics to other people and my answer actually is a fairly emphatic – yes I would; events like this help people to network and be aware of one another and frankly something like that is, of course, an activity that I would endorse.’

Which truck could be more suitable to be operated by the most talented drivers – the future ‘Forklift Operator of the Year 2019’ amongst them – than the new UniCarriers TX3 counterbalance truck? It has already been honoured with the renowned Red Dot Award 2018 for its exceptional combination of innovation, ergonomics, functionality and durability. Thanks to the truck’s ProVision concept, flanked by the Triplex mast, slim roof columns and the roof’s chamfered front edge, TX3-drivers enjoy an optimal, all-round visibility from the ergonomically designed cab. Due to strong improved visibility, goods can be handled in an exceptionally precise and safe manner. The TX trucks have the quietest hydraulics and the lowest energy consumption in their class. Simply, the new TX will operate for longer on a single charge than any other similar truck currently on the market – making any operation more efficient, productive and profitable.

Whose talent is on a par with such technological excellence, will be revealed on 27th June 2019.


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