The Supply Chain Consulting Group is the result of a successful merger in July 2018 between Gideon Hillman Consulting (established in 2004) and Go Supply Chain Consulting (established in 2013), two of the UK’s leading independent Logistics and Supply Chain Consultancies.

The company has retained the two well established brands ‘Gideon Hillman Consulting’ and ‘Go Supply Chain Consulting’ as both are synonymous with high standards, have shared values and strong reputations for building sustainable partnerships with clients, and providing detailed yet pragmatic solutions and implementable strategies, to any aspect of a company’s Logistics and Supply Chain Operations.

Our strength is in our ‘hands-on’ approach and ability to provide strategic solutions through an analytical and practical process, with a strong bias towards resource optimisation and manageable implementation.

2018 has seen the company shortlisted as finalists for four separate Industry awards with clients, Bunzl, and BUILT (a division of Travis Perkins). Firstly, in September, as finalists of The Logistics Awards 2018 under three separate categories: ‘New Facility’, ‘Innovation’, and ‘Operations Large’; and then shortlisted again in October as a finalists for The Supply Chain Excellence Awards, under the category: Supply Chain Innovation.

The Supply Chain Consulting Group has undertaken a range of UK and European Logistics Infrastructure and Network Reviews, Strategic and Tactical Development and Optimisation projects, including fully managed outsourcing tenders for many companies and organisations including major UK and European retailers, FMCG suppliers, e-commerce operations, Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Third-Party Logistics providers.

The team each have considerable operational and management experience and are highly expert in reviewing current processes and operations and developing solutions for all areas of Materials Handling; Procurement; Stores and Inventory Management including, regional, national and global logistics network development and implementation; Transport Modelling and Network Costing; Tactical Stock Locations; Handling and Picking Processes; Demand Forecasting; Integrated Inventory Control; Vendor Management; Vendor Support Operations; Inbound and Outbound Logistics Management; and Performance and Cost Measurement. We regularly work with our clients in establishing:

• New build design and re-configuration of existing warehouse, picking and distribution facilities

• Optimised facility design/layout, handling practices and workflows

• Warehouse and inventory management techniques to optimise workflow and costs

• Cost to serve, travel times and pick rate modelling to support the optimised layouts and workflows

• Optimised target inventories (holding cost vs. ordering cost vs. service)

• Tactical stock location(s) and picking strategies

• Improved demand forecasting to allow for optimised inventories

• Warehouse and traffic management system operational requirements specifications

• Automation and materials handling systems design, development, and implementation management

• Logistics network and individual Distribution Centre (DC) capacity assessments

• Vehicle fleet profiling and resource requirements aligned with DC and customer requirements

• Optimised distribution network design and appropriate cost modelling

All our analysis and solutions specific to your requirements are presented with clear and concise rationale and where appropriate costed and tested.

Logistics Network Modelling and Distribution Centre Design Capabilities

In addition to practical experience the combined team of consultants and analysts is highly proficient in the development of spreadsheet based simulation tools and decision support models and regularly supports clients with warehouse planning and strategic transport network design, as well as various network modelling and inventory strategy tools. Additionally, to the suite of proprietary tools, the company holds licenses for industry standard tools for distribution network optimisation such as PTV (formerly DPS Logix). The crucial element in any Logistics Network Design Strategy is building all the constraints and variables into a single dynamic business model.

We undertake Logistics Network Design and Optimisation projects with our clients, either as a total review or in specific modules including:

• Cost based Centre of Gravity (CoG) analysis for single factory/DC location and multiple RDC locations

• Facility to customer alignment and facility sizing

• Distribution Network Optimisation and detailed capital and operational costs

Our CAD facilities enables our warehouse consultants to provide clients with bespoke and detailed scale plan view drawings, enabling us to generate a complete bill of equipment to enable racking, MHE, and automation suppliers, to provide accurate quotations for supply and installation.

The ability to easily change drawings gives clients a choice of layouts to optimise workflows, enabling them to develop their operational processes and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in line with supply chain and logistics strategy requirements.

The CAD software, capable of assisting planning from simple single-storey building racking layouts to more complex multi-level facilities with automated handling conveyors and retrieval carousels, to full automation, has been proven on client projects by the warehouse and facility design team, all who have had many years’ Warehousing, Distribution Centre, and Operational Logistics management experience across a range of industry sectors.

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