UK’s Translyft distributor Lifting Technology was fully integrated into Translyft Denmark in October.

There has long been a strong relationship and shared interest between Lifting Technology and Translyft, with Translyft holding 25% of the shares in the UK Company since 2000.

Going forward Translyft and Lifting Technology will be one company. “We have welcomed 10 new employees after integrating Lifting Technology Ltd into Translyft. This is partly to begin a sliding generation shift and partly to anticipate possible effects of Brexit. This shared platform ensures a growth for TRANSLYFT in Denmark and the UK while preparing us for the future”, said CEO Jens Egelund, who became co-owner of Translyft in Denmark last year.

“Why do we do this, and why now?” continues George Scholes, the UKs Managing Director. “There are several good reasons. But, with Jens and I being optimistic and ambitious by nature, we see several positive synergies on the commercial side by being one company. Both Lifting Tech and Translyft hold some really strong customer relationships, which we have never explored for mutual benefit across markets. We’ll become a more attractive partner for new relationships in both UK and outside, whilst also being able to better service our existing customers across markets. Over time we hope to be able to spend much more time close to the customer relative to doing double administration work and double processes on both sides. It doesn’t generate extra value to the customer.”

Jens added: “There’s also more slightly more cautious reasons, where we look to safeguard and plan for the future. We need to ensure a very good transition of the company handover and get plenty of time to find and grow into the right future setup . Also- Brexit! Plan for the worst and hope for the best. We would rather have a strong collective setup than two more fragile setups. This way we ensure Translyft has feet on the ground and Lifting Tech has a stronger financial backing and more direct contact to deal with whatever issues may arise.

The future looks exciting for Translyft – The changes at Translyft will become visible for the entire world within the next months. One thing is that Translyft has launched a new company identity with a new logo, marketing package and website. And even the blue-orange product colours have been changed to a modern steel-blue color, which fits in better with customer’s production lines.

But, most importantly, Translyft has changed its working methods and developed new product lines, and has just revealed one of these: Hygienic Design.

This might be the world’s most hygienic lifting table and Translyft has focused on optimizing hygiene and lowering operating costs in food or pharmacy production. This new concept reduces cleaning costs by up to 50% (use of time, water and detergent) and improves hygiene significantly.

”We set ourselves the goal to make the most hygienic lifting solution ever, and our tests show that we have succeeded. But security in the food industry, for example, can never be high enough, so we will keep innovating with our customers,” says Jens Egelund, who is looking forward to presenting more product news in the near future.