Do you feel a change in the air? We certainly do, and it’s not just the weather. There’s been a definite paradigm shift in the way that people are shopping and it’s likely to become more apparent this Christmas than any other.And the driver for this change? The environment.

We’ve all seen the shocking images of the damage that plastic waste is doing to our seas and wildlife, and our TV screens have also delivered some pretty stark messages about the effects that overseas manufacturing is having on our planet. It’s no surprise then that consumers are fine-screening the sources of produce, and checking out a brand’s sustainability practices before they buy.

What’s more, if businesses fall foul of new expectations, they run the risk of being shot down in style on social media.

Packing goods without the bad

While many organisations are addressing all of the issues above – sourcing ethically produced materials, reducing the use of plastic, increasing recyclability – these things take time and a lot of money.

What businesses can do quickly is change the way they pack their goods. The packaging inside a box is the very first thing that consumers see and it can have quite an impact; if goods are overpacked it’s seen as waste, if goods are under-packed it’s seen as uncaring and if goods are swaddled in non-recyclable materials it’s seen as environmentally damaging – it’s a packaging minefield! The simple solution? Use an environmentally friendly packaging such as paper. It’s clean, 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable, strong, flexible, uses less actual packaging and costs less – what’s not to like?

Making your wishes come true

If you wish you had just one type of packaging that would pack all of your products then your wish is granted. Paper packaging may not be the first medium that comes to mind if you’re sending out heavy goods, nor for that matter if you’re sending out fragile items such as delicate Christmas baubles, however, paper is proven to offer complete protection to almost every type of product.

Our Easypack® range of environmentally friendly packaging technology produces a wide range of protective void-fill paper packaging types, enabling you to secure goods of any size, shape or weight. What’s more, all of the Easypack solutions are compact, free-standing and can be wheeled to any point of use, making them ideal for busy, on-demand packing environments.

The holly and the ivy shouldn’t be the only green things at Christmas

You may not be able to sustainably source everything in your organisation, but you can send a green message to your customers by using more environmentally friendly packaging. You can even add a Christmas message to your box to highlight this. So, what are you waiting for?

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