As the 5th November (remember, remember!) comes around again, we often see bonfires made from pallets. We all know that burning pallets is bad for the environment but also bad for business. Those pallets could be rented and worse still, they could be on your balance!

What many people don’t know, is mis-management of pallets is like using £10 notes as kindling for that bonfire!

You could be literally burning money in charges, penalties, resources and time wasted.

Have you ever:

  • Incurred Late Movement fees or unnecessary Non Co-operative Distributor charges?
  • Had Lost Equipment Charges following an audit?
  • Paid additional dwell charges for an inflated hire balance?

Do you struggle:

  • To understand and reconcile your pallet suppliers invoices?
  • To devote dedicated resource to pallet management?
  • To conduct your pallet suppliers annual audits?

So don’t have a pallet bonfire this year, save yourself the expense… Equipment Tracking can help.

Equipment Tracking provide the live intelligence businesses across the UK, large or small need to completely monitor and manage the movement of pallets and all other assets more efficiently. We are trusted by leading manufacturing, warehousing and logistics organisations to help save time, money and drive improved supply chain performance with a competitively priced equipment management service that tracks over 30 million CHEP, LPR, IPP (and many more) movements a year.

Equipment Tracking makes asset and pallet management simple by interfacing within existing enterprise systems that already capture stock movement. The company provides a totally flexible offering to bolster whatever those systems are, be it with a hands-on 24/7 end-to-end personal service or by using one of two dedicated software packages (SEEC & ERICA) that track in real-time using any available technology across all your sites, networks and management hierarchies.

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