Codeway Ltd, a specialist provider of Honeywell enterprise mobility solutions, offers a future proof and cost-effective solution for today’s ever-changing warehouse and logistics business challenges.

A functional efficient secure mobile platform.

The Honeywell Mobility Edge platform enables a seamless transition to Android mobile devices and ensures the working life of most devices to six years plus.

“Many are looking to Android warehouse mobility systems with the discontinuation of support for Microsoft CE and Windows Mobile,” explains Kees Spitters, Sales Manager, Codeway Ltd. “However, there is a reluctance to move to Android due to regular new Google releases – which can render some devices obsolete. Existing hardware may not have enough memory and processing speed (horsepower) for new versions creating software incompatibilities and security vulnerabilities.”

To ensure the extended life of its Android mobile devices, Honeywell is working in partnership with Google and Qualcomm to futureproof devices up to Android R. Additionally, via the Sentinel service add on, Honeywell can ensure that new updates are covered for two years beyond Android version R.

“Our promise to our customers is to deliver peace of mind that their hardware will have a long working life, ensuring cost control and operational effectiveness within warehouse mobile systems.

Honeywell Mobility Edge helps businesses to overcome complexities and risk in deploying an Android mobile system, ensuring security and reliability for dynamic businesses,” adds Kees Spitters.

Codeway, as a Honeywell Platinum Performance Partner, uniquely has the experience and knowledge necessary to support the integration of Honeywell’s Mobility Edge solution. “We understand both Honeywell Mobility Edge and the complex challenges of on-site warehouse mobile solutions. This, together with our unrivalled knowledge of Honeywell mobility products, means we can advise and guide customers through the migration from Microsoft to Android with minimal impact on user interface. Our service includes new system training and offers the option of additional features to help improve productivity as an option.

Users can benefit from the development and certification of an application just once across different Honeywell Edge devices, helping them to quickly and easily meet seasonal needs and environmental demands. Honeywell Mobility Edge supports five generations of Android (N to R), with the 1st generation System-on- Module (SOM) platform. The solution provides periodic maintenance releases and security updates for two years after Google stops supporting Android R, via the Sentinel service add-on. “The Honeywell Mobility Edge solution enables us to work with customers to deliver a functional, efficient and secure warehouse mobile platform following migration to Android, and to optimize business performance into the future,” adds Spitters.

Some companies see Android as an opportunity to extend their warehouse applications. Many of them want an off the shelf solution they can install in weeks. They expect this to cater for their specific business needs. These often include lot and item traceability.

Honeywell Mobility Edge (ensures) extends
working life of devices.

To this end Codeway has partnered with the BellHawk Systems Corporation. BellHawk provides a unique real time system to track inventory and operations. It covers production, warehouses and points of installation and use.

BellHawk is now available on the cloud as well as for company servers. It includes an automated data exchange connector. This simplifies integration with other business applications.

Grants from both NASA and USAF funded the original BellHawk software in order to enable their own suppliers to follow best practices. Today BellHawk meets 90%-100% of needs out of the box. Easy to add rules and extensions adapt it to special requirements. It is currently in use for manufacturing and distribution of many products.

Industries using BellHawk include automotive and aviation components, construction materials, engineering, food processing and life sciences.

Still some companies want systems for processes their business software does not support. Codeway provides their customisable solution ‘Codetrack’ to meet these needs.

Typical examples are sequenced shipping of Tier 1 automotive components for vehicle assembly, identification and tracking of serialised products, intercontinental shipment of vehicles and cargo, pharma warehousing and retail distribution.


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