Curtis’ red Safety Zone lamp is already widely used in warehouses across the UK which is good news for staff. But the GREAT NEWS for buyers is that prices are down by 20%.

Smart re-engineering has reduced the costs, but the lamps still look and work in exactly the same way; shining a bright red line on either side of your vehicle, creating a visual “safety zone” for pedestrians in the area.

Easily fitted and adjusted, these lamps help prevent foot injuries and collisions from rear end swing, as well as clearly showing a ‘No Go Zone’ around any type of materials handling equipment.

Safety Zone lamps can be used alone or in conjunction with the Blue Spot or Arrow warning lamps to the front or rear of the vehicle. These have also been reduced by 20%.

All lamps are resistant to impact and vibration and benefit from an IP67 ingress rating. They give advanced warning of an approaching vehicle and are especially useful around blind corners (i.e. warehouse racking) or in busy, noisy environments where pedestrians are not looking or paying close attention to their surroundings. And as more than a third of all lift truck related accidents involve pedestrians, they’re an easy way to safeguard your workforce quickly and economically.


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