AutoStore, the unique, space saving automated storage and retrieval system powered by Swisslog, is enjoying unprecedented adoption globally as customers demand more flexibility in their warehouses. Swisslog has now sold more than 130 projects worldwide, making the company the number one AutoStore integrator.

As customer demand is quickly growing, so too is the need for flexible, robotic solutions. The global explosion in the growth of e-commerce in both the business-to-consumer and business-to-business segments has led to increased demand for more scalable, modular solutions to meet rapidly changing customer demands.

As one of the most flexible and space efficient goods-to-person solutions available today, AutoStore, a cubebased system, has revolutionized ecommerce fulfillment and small item order picking. The scalable system can be deployed relatively quickly in almost any warehouse environment, providing dramatic improvements in space utilization and productivity compared to traditional shelf-based storage.

CEO of Swisslog Logistics

Automation, Dr, Chris Baur, said: “I am proud we have such a strong relationship with AutoStore, and have the freedom to develop our own solutions to increase efficiency for our customers even further. We believe that AutoStore provides exceptional customer value, and we are looking forward to continuing to deliver exciting automated projects based on this scalable, modular solution.”

Swisslog AutoStore integrator since 2009

Swisslog was one of the first AutoStore integrators, with the partnership beginning in 2009. The first installation went live in Munich, Germany at a new logistics center for AVNET, a distributor of electrical components. More customers like Childrensalon have enlisted Swisslog to implement AutoStore to boost their growth.

Michele Harriman-Smith, CEO at Childrensalon says: “We are really pleased to be partnering with Swisslog to increase the level of automation at our facility. This partnership will allow Childrensalon to maximise efficiency and ensure we cope with the growth we will be experiencing over the next years.”

“It is crucial for us to provide the best service for our customers and introducing this automated solution will allow us to do so as our business grows, while being able to allocate and flex our people where we need them as well.”

Today, Swisslog has sold more than 130 AutoStore projects in 19 countries. Almost 124 of these systems have already been implemented. After nearly 10 years of successfully implementing the AutoStore solution, Swisslog has gained invaluable experience in designing, developing and implementing the system. In fact, Swisslog has implemented both the world’s largest AutoStore system with 361,000 storage bins and the world’s smallest, with only 1,000 bins.

Strengthening AutoStore capabilities to meet future challenges

As consumer expectations for rapid fulfillment increase, companies are becoming more aware of how software and robotics can give them a huge advantage in the future.

Swisslog’s intelligent automated item picking application ItemPiQ will allow companies to increase their picking capacity and acurancy within no time. With the development of flexible software solutions, Swisslog can offer AutoStore customers the intelligent tools to prepare their warehouse for future challenges.

Developments like this are allowing new design capabilities for AutoStore, improving the efficiency of the concept even further, building on the vision of demand-driven, self-learning warehouses. Read how urban fulfillment will be more dynamic.