The 2018 British Engineering Excellence Awards (BEEAs) is an event very close to the hearts of Basingstoke based MiniTec.

MiniTec designs and manufactures modular aluminium profile systems and accessories which can be used to construct a vast range of equipment from machine and equipment guarding, storage and transportation products and work stations and assembly lines.

Being modular in construction gives MiniTec a high degree of flexibility in being able to work with the customer in order to be able to deliver the most effective solution for the application.

The company is underlying its close interest and relationship with the general mechanical industry by helping to sponsor the New Product of the Year.

MiniTec has a great deal of experience at developing innovative and if required, customised solutions to support the general industry as this brief example describes.

MiniTec designs new concept of assembly line for one-piece flow manufacturing

A new concept of production assembly lines from MiniTec improves quality and efficiency. With an increasing trend towards customisation of the finished product and small batch sizes the manufacturer needs to be as flexible as possible without compromising quality and efficiencies. One-piece production flow lines need to be able to address the issues of safe and ergonomic working conditions and quick start up/changeover times even when dealing with multi product manufacturing and assembly. The new concept lines are also perfect for multishift operation and the frequently changing teams operating the lines.