LG Motion, designers and manufacturers of a wide range of motion control products are thrilled to be associated once again with the 2018 British Engineering Excellence awards.  LG Motion will this year be one of the sponsoring companies for the category Design Team of the Year.

LG Motion solutions are sold into a diverse range of markets from general engineering through to medical, aerospace, telecommunications and scientific applications. Whilst the basic motional control solution requirement of the LG Motion portfolio is universal – they move things “in and out, up and down, round and round” to coin a phrase often used at LG Motion, a specific application may require a high degree of customisation and expert design work to meet the exacting standard of the customer requirement.

One stop shop for motion control with global partners         

LG Motion rotary and linear stages can be combined with servo and stepper drives and motion control components and systems supplied by a number of key global partners.


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