The struggles towards mechanized labor and improved efficiency in the industrial premises have accomplished a new feat. The recent advancements in the global quest for digitalizing and providing ease of access to not just businesses and industries but the common consumer as well have compelled us to look into them for an easy life. Like the innovation that began with Uber to provide the digital access to regular services in an efficient and liberated manner, the trend has carried on. Now, Waitrose has launched a “While you’re away” service while XPS Logistics is launching 5000 robots to increase efficiency in its sites in North America and Europe.

Robotics in the act:

XPS with its partner GreyOrange has planned to launch 5000 very intelligent robots that are designed to be able to move around 1000-3500 pounds. These robots are making their way to become modernized assistants that enable the workers to do the heavy lifting and moving with much ease. XPS aims to reduce the physical labor exerted by the workers and along with it, the chances of encountering errors and mistakes. The company will be experimenting with the machines to see if their management systems are reliable in supporting timed deliveries. With an aim in mind to spend almost $450 million in technology alone, the company is hoping to save a lot of time and money by investing in ideas that may seem far-fetched but certainly, the next step towards development.

Gone are the days when you thought machines are just there to remember things like your federal tax id number and trust tax id and let you play games. Advanced systems put in place in the medical field have resulted in DHL running trials with drones that are programmed to deliver medicines in Africa. With the delivery system located in Lake Victoria, Tanzania becomes the main focus of the trials.

Modern Delivery Systems:

Waitrose has taken the initiative to come up with the idea of a “While You’re Away” service that has transcended all other competitors in the market. Since the idea of the service requires the access to the consumer’s house, the early launch phase is targeting just 100 customers in South London. The concept of the service is focused around the lack of time a lot of customers have considering the fast life they’re living. Since nobody has the time to go to the grocery store to pick up the items, Waitrose offers its own workers to be able to come to your house and place the items in your fridge or any other place you instruct.

Although the service requires a minimum order of 25 pounds since it is in its beginning stages, the company has revealed plans to extend its service to almost 1000 customers next year. Seeing things run smoothly, Waitrose plans on changing the minimum requirement of ordering 6 items in Spring of 2019. The service is far more ahead than any other offered in the market like Uber’s UberEats and other local delivery services. Even stores that have delivery systems haven’t offered a service similar to “While You’re Away” yet. Considering the obvious controversy of the risks involved in letting an unknown person in your house, the company offers a chest cam insurance that guarantees secured deliveries. Every delivery person will have a chest cam to have a recording of the service that will be sent to the customer the very next day to avoid any doubts and inconveniences.


Technology is taking over the world like a tidal wave, turning things around faster than we can turn our heads to catch a glimpse of what’s happening. Not staying updated can result in missing out on amazing new features and inventions that might be able to help in miraculous ways.