A Mitsubishi electric forklift has brought new levels of efficiency and reliability – both indoors and out – to a data company people depend on.

Established in 1989, Ovation Data is a small but reputable data management company, working mainly in the oil and gas industry, but also servicing organisations in the media and entertainment sector. The company provides a wide range of services, including large scale tape transcription and data recovery, rack hosting, a cloud service, media monitoring and technical consultancy to name but a few.

Most of the company’s work is digital. But when Ovation found itself unloading pallets of tape libraries and other essential items, battery issues with a recently acquired forklift were creating a series of headaches. And in an industry where reliability is everything, there’s no such thing as a small headache.

Recognising a change was needed, Ovation turned to Britannia Materials Handling to find a forklift that would prove more dependable, while allowing for more efficient, cost-effective working.

Sales Director Chris Slater took account of Ovation’s various needs and set about identifying the best solution. The company required a forklift that could work just as well outdoors in adverse conditions as it does inside. And, as Ovation’s sole lift truck, it had to ensure 100% reliability.

In addition, Ovation’s Production Director Mark Wildig wanted something environmentally friendly, meaning only electric would do. However, finding an electric which can compete with an IC engine, while withstanding the elements, was no short order.

The solution that ticked every one of these boxes was the Mitsubishi EDiA FT16(C)PNT. It’s a truck that comes with IP54 waterproofing as standard and was acquired by Ovation Data on a five-year contract hire. For Mark and his team, it quickly became clear this was the obvious choice. And, unusually, it was a choice without risk.

Mark explains: “It came recommended by the dealer. He was genuinely interested in providing us with the best alternative, so when asked for the most qualitative option, Mitsubishi was the best. What’s more, the dealer said that if we don’t like it, we can send it back… and that’s not something you hear every day. So, for us, there was no risk involved in the equation.” Since arriving, the new truck has transformed lifting operations on site, delivering a much-needed combination of driveability and allweather reliability, along with some interesting unique features.

These include an instant load indicator – included as standard – which keeps drivers aware of how much weight they’re carrying. More than just a gimmick, this feature eliminates the guesswork when it comes to load bearing… making operations far safer for everyone involved.



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