The UK based business has rolled out its latest evolution of the Kite Packaging ecommerce website. 

As a company known for its innovative thinking and market leading performance, Kite Packaging is always looking for opportunities to make their brand and business better. The Kite group, formed in 2001, has the UK’s leading ecommerce packaging distribution website.

Kite’s team of ecommerce specialists have just completed their latest project – to redevelop and evolve key features of their B2B website.

As the business to consumer online market grows, the world of B2B has existed in a relative adolescent state. Although traditional, online transactions are typically thought of in a consumer capacity, the value of online purchasing for B2B is growing all the time. With global business magazine Forbes’ recent statement on the expected spend per B2C customer being considerably less than B2B, it puts greater emphasis on the B2B space to focus more on better automation and efficiency in their online presence.

More and more businesses are seeing the value of taking their brand into the online market even if they still maintain a bricks and mortar business. The shift from bricks to clicks can often prove challenging but nevertheless rewarding as Kite discovered when it became the first in its sector to launch a fully-fledged ecommerce website.

The focus of Kite’s latest ecommerce project is on improved user experience including elements such as better navigation, design advances and improved on site functionality. All of which further enforce the strength of the Kite brand.

A particularly useful design element of Kite’s new website is its enhanced usability for those accessing the site using a handheld device. With the concept of ‘web responsive design’ surfacing in website development in recent years, organisations have been expected to produce an interface in which customers can navigate across with ease irrespective of the smart device they are using. Kite Packaging have had a responsive website for several years and the newly enhanced version gives an even greater customer experience for those customers using the Kite website on a mobile device.

The ecommerce site’s high quality videos in the form of demonstration videos and explanatory company information videos now give customers a deeper insight into the Kite brand and products. As these are a highly successful visual element in the online world, and with marketing predictions of 2019 suggesting video popularity is only set to increase, their inclusion is becoming an integral part to executing successful, online business platforms.

As well as a market leading ecommerce website, Kite’s strength also lies in its existing network of regional distribution centres which the latest site includes expanded details for. Users can now access a more in depth analysis of the Kite Packaging Group services and solutions division, exploring their capabilities and viewing case studies. Case studios and videos about the business’s aerospace and defence division, load retention engineers, in-the-box solutions team and packaging regulations division are also available.

Kite’s employee-owned philosophy of “customer satisfaction matters so much more when you own the business” drives the Kite group and its new, improved user experience amplifies why it is at the leading edge of B2B ecommerce in its sector.

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