What are the hidden costs of pallet storage and how can you optimise efficiency whilst keeping costs down and comply with pallet storage regulations?

Crown Speciality Packaging used trailers to store pallets onsite

Like many other businesses using pallets, storage of empty pallets was an issue. Then needed to be stored in a safe and secure way when they were not used. To avoid accidents and inventory damage, Crown Speciality Packaging used spare articulated trailers. However this had hidden costs, it tied up a trailer, yard space and was time consuming to store and retrieve pallets.

Pallet storage within their existing warehousing wasn’t an option

Crown has a long history of leading the industry with innovative packaging technology. But storing finished creative metal packaging designs and a portfolio of distinctive shapes must take priority over empty pallet storage. The business had considered off-site warehousing of pallets but felt this would be even more inefficient. However storing on-site presented operational challenges and health and safety implications.

Pallet storage regulations

Conscientious storage of wooden pallets when they are not in use considers both on-site safety and ensures the physical integrity of these valuable items. As with anything regarding workplace safety, make sure you are fully aware of company and/or industry guidelines and regulations and, if in doubt, consult your safety officer.

A temporary pallet warehouse provided the best compliant solution

When Aganto were approached, Crown Speciality Packaging was given confidence in the advice provided. Understanding the regulations governing pallet storage and the commercial needs of the business – a suitable recommendation was quickly drafted. With a delivery in a matter of weeks, the payback of the temporary pallet warehouse purchase was quickly underway.

Need help designing a pallet storage warehouse solution?

Aganto can provide FREE ADVICE and a range of options from purchase of new or used warehousing to long or short-term rental.




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