Today, protecting the vital assets of a facility is a priority for any health and safety professional or warehouse manager. But the advantages of a well laid-out working environment, where the flow of people is carefully managed and assets and equipment are properly protected, goes far beyond simple asset protection.

Certainly, protection of assets is a smart, long-term strategy that will pay-off handsomely in return on investment over a sustained period – but that’s not to say implementing safety does not have some immediate benefits.

The first positive effect you might see is an improvement in productivity. Organising your facility with safety barriers so that flow of pedestrians and vehicles is carefully managed, with segregation wherever possible, will not only prevent accidents, it will streamline your facility. With streamlining comes productivity – and an immediate boost to your bottom line.

Of course, it is not always possible to install safety barriers in every position. In some circumstances floor markings can be used to define a walkway or to offer safety advice and directions to pedestrians.

A combination of barriers and floor markings will often make up a comprehensively safe floor plan, ensuring maximum safety and accident prevention. In facilities such as car parks, floor markings are essential. With limited space, they offer both drivers and pedestrians the directions and safety advice they need.

McCue has over 30 years’ experience delivering safety solutions to companies across the globe, from huge, multi-national operations to individual facilities. Recently, the company started its own in-house line marking operation, meaning a comprehensive facility protection programme is now a one-stop shop.

Asset protection offers multiple benefits, both long and short term. So contact McCue and get the safety ball rolling into the future – and prepare for that immediate productivity boost.