Back in 1993 WERMA first set the new trend in industrial signal devices with the introduction of the modular signal tower design.

Since then much has changed from the introduction of improved IP protection ratings, low cost and increasingly bright LED light elements with different light effects, a wide range of additional sounder elements and a comprehensive range of fixing accessories.

KombiSIGN 72 and KombiSIGN 40 – now provide even more stunning features

The ever popular 72mm and 40mm diameter signal towers have had a comprehensive makeover and provide a vastly superior signalling effect thanks to two new innovative design features:

Twinlight – two for the price of one – a real cost and inventory saving

With traditional signal tower designs it is necessary to select different light elements for the desired light effect – such as permanent, blinking or flashing.

Twinlight is the new light element containing a small dipswitch which allows the user to select either a permanent or blinking light effect for the application. Twinflash provides the same option for either a flashing or stroboscopic effect.

The two-in-one option not only provides a very cost effective solution to optimising the light effect it will reduce the part number count required for an application.

Omniview guarantees all-round visibility

A signal light must always be clearly visible, even in difficult operating conditions. Traditional signal towers use LED strips which very often provide a less than complete illumination of the element – often a strip of light is visible caused by the configuration of the LED lights with the light element.

The new Omniview lens contains a diffuser which distributes the LED light effectively giving complete 360° visibility from any position. Dead angles and positions become a thing of the past and the light signal is truly visible from any line of sight.

The external surface of the light element is smooth making it less attractive to dirt and easier to wipe down and clean. SmoothDesign gives you longer lasting visibility.


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