Lower cost – fewer part numbers

Multiple light colours in just one unit reduce drastically the number of beacon variations required. The classic round traffic light is ideal for barrier control, car parks and all manner of entry exit access points. The 890 series is already a classic traffic light. The successful family has now been extended with a new multicolour variant. The unit combines three light colours (red, amber and green) in one beacon. There are two terminals per colour to enable the simple replacement of a two or three beacon combination. The multitalented beacon is available in 12 – 24 VDC and 230 V AC. By only having one unit (with two part numbers) for all colours costs and inventory can be reduced

Clear lens guarantees effective signalling

The transparent lens ensures clear signalling, even in bright sunlight. The appropriate colour is only illuminated when triggered and so the risk of confusion of the light colour is reduced and safety is increased. The bright light effect of the LEDs is visible even in poor visibility conditions.

Proven design ideal for many applications

The robust and high quality housing carries a protection rating of IP65 and can withstand dust, wind and rainy conditions. Perfect for use in virtually any outdoor and indoor applications, the maintenance free LEDs have a life of up to 50,000 hours which is equivalent to approximately 6 years typical operation.


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