Following the proven application of numerous Dock Solutions products, Finsbury Food Group have recently purchased two new self-repairing, stainless steel fast action doors to form a part of their redeveloped manufacturing facilities. The doors will improve the working environment and hygiene control within its production area.

Finsbury Food Group are a UK-wide speciality bakery group, producing a broad range of highquality bread, cake and snack products for growing channels and market niches.

The radar activated doors offer an opening and closing speed of up to 0.8m/s. Dock Solutions fast action doors come fully equipped with newly developed light curtain safety. The flexible curtain is made of high resistance polyester and is fireproof with M2 degree of auto-extinguish. The lateral zip system guarantees the auto self-repairing as well as providing a high resistance to the wind pressure (up to 120 km/h). The automatic self-closing timer can be adjusted from 1 to 60 seconds to suit the client’s specific requirements.

“These doors have been designed and constructed with great quality components, which guarantees optimum performance and reliability,” says Joshua Hale, Business Development Executive of Dock Solutions Ltd. “We offer a great range of fast action doors, each made specifically to suit the unique scenarios faced by our customers.”


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