Some years ago now WERMA, the leading designer and manufacturer of a wide range of beacons and sounders, or andon lights as they are becoming better known today, had started to get involved in an application where an LED signal tower light set is deployed to signify a problem dealing with checking out purchases at unmanned cash desks in retail outlets.

Local problem? – call for action

From these early beginnings the system is now widely deployed in large complex warehouse packing operations who are capitalising on the meteoric growth in on-line shopping and the consequent need for highly efficient pack and despatch systems.

Industrial operations up and down the country are continuously looking at ways to eliminate wastage in processes and become more “lean” in their operations. An area of concern in many operations is the time wasted by staff having to leave their work position to go and get assistance to have a local problem resolved before continuing their work.


Easy to install – comprehensive package of benefits

A manually operated andon light which WERMA manufactures consisting of a signal tower, four button switch box and “plug and play” desk top power supply provides a low cost easy to install solution to giving a visual alert that you need assistance at your workstation.

Wireless data transmission package adds even more features

Add to this package WERMA’s innovative wireless transmission package and local calls for help can be wirelessly transmitted to the desired departments all over the operation ensuring that the call for help is actioned. In addition to the activation of the local signal tower light being displayed on local remote pcs or plasma screens so that action required can be seen, the system can automatically send an email to those required to act, thus, armed with your smart phone you can always be in touch with what is happening on the shop floor. A simple but comprehensive data collection package displays the actual status of a workstation or production line and allows you to monitor retrospectively performance and thus start to eliminate wastage.

Since 2013 WERMA has enjoyed its biggest success to date with this application as that well known online retailer that many of us use so often has installed the WERMA call for action system in all of its warehouse and packing facilities in the UK and as the company expands even more into mainland Europe, new facilities there are all being fitted out with this equipment. “In the UK alone we have supplied in excess of two thousand or so andon light sets to this customer alone and our colleagues in Europe are seeing a similar trend. Alongside the benefits of the package we offer another critical factor to our success is the very short leadtime we are able to supply even orders for 100s of these sets at once.” concludes Simon Adams, MD of WERMA UK.


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