As safety and facility protection expert McCue Corp celebrates 30- years in business, the company has added aviation to the long list of industries where its versatile and long-lasting safety products are used.

The ultra-demanding specifications of airside protection and McCue’s all-encompassing range of pedestrian and equipment protection barriers has proved to be an ideal fit, with two major UK airports implementing McCue in both interior and exterior environments.

Outside, heavy duty and expensive equipment like floodlights required ultra-strong and durable protection, so McCue’s award-winning FlexCore Guardrail was utilised.

The barriers not only offer collision protection and guidance to the many vehicles moving airside, the floor-mounted barriers ensure there are no protrusions into pedestrian areas from forklift forks or other hardware.

Elsewhere, Pedestrian Barriers were used to offer bright, attractive and long-lasting guidance and protection to passengers as they walk to planes to board.

McCue’s multi-functional products offer airports the security, peace of mind and long lasting assurance that employees and customers stay safe and feel safe when on the airport surface.

Inside, more FlexCore Guardrails were used to protect the heavily-used baggage transfer areas – an essential part of any smooth running airport. While further pedestrian barriers improved employee and passenger safe guidance inside the airport.

After 30 years of world class facility protection, McCue’s flexible barriers are still finding new homes and new places to protect people, businesses and equipment. As far as aviation goes, fly-by-night protection is a thing of the past.


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