Smart-Space, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and installers of temporary, semipermanent and permanent buildings, has completed the construction of a covered loading and unloading area for Tom Brown Wholesale Florists at the wholesaler’s site in Lee, south east London.

The semi-permanent 22.5 metre by 9.5 metre openfronted canopy with a PVC roof and 12 LED spot lamps adjoins the existing warehouse and cash and carry store, which houses 8,000 square feet of outdoor and indoor plants, tropicals, floral sundries and seasonal items as well as a 3,000 square feet temperature controlled cut flower showroom. The watertight shelter provides much-needed protection from the weather for around 200 inbound and outbound deliveries each day. This in turn creates more storage space for the flowers and eliminates product congestion within the warehouse and store area.

According to Tom Brown finance director John Davidson, the installation marks the end of a long search for a solution that protects both the stock and his staff of twenty, who carry out the overnight operation.

“We had been hiring temporary marquees as a short-term solution, but these were increasing in cost and weren’t actually fit for purpose,” he says. “We talked to a couple of companies who promised the world but, when it came down to it, were unable or unwilling to handle the entire project including the ground works. Fortunately, we finally talked to Smart-Space who were happy to take on the whole project with their own in-house teams. I just wish we had done that a couple of years earlier.”

Within ten weeks from the first contact, the ground works and the installation had been completed, with the build being carried out over a weekend, when the wholesaler is closed.

“We’re delighted with the results,” says John. “We’re one of the biggest flower wholesalers in the south east of England and this project will undoubtedly help us to build on the success we have achieved to date and make our business bloom even more.”


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