Software application and engineering company Red Ledge has developed an engineering stores and cost centre management system, the company has just announced. Designed to improve stores stock control and asset management, ‘Red Ledge Engineering Stores and Cost Centre Management’ automates engineering component re-ordering to avoid out-of-stock as well as tracking assets that leave the stores to minimise equipment displacement and loss. System installation and training can be completed within two days and the typical payback period is around six months say Red Ledge.

“Engineering stores inefficiency is surprisingly widespread. It can also be very costly given the project delays and equipment losses that result” says Red Ledge technical director Alan Wilcockson. “But early interest in the system has been strong, and the industry seems keen to improve its engineering stores management”.

Red Ledge Engineering Stores and Cost Centre Management has been developed using the ‘Red Ledge CORE’ systems development tool for manufacturing, asset and warehouse management systems. Red Ledge CORE speeds the development of logical, event-driven systems using a set of fast-build standard libraries, which also allow tailored solutions to be added while maintaining core system functionality and process integrity.



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