Hygiene, temperature control and process efficiency are all watch words in the food processing and food distribution industries. Guy Windle, Area Sales Manager of sara LBS, says high speed roller shutter doors can be essential in achieving all of these.

Go into any food processing or distribution plant and the first thing you notice will probably be the drop in temperature as you enter. Food keeps freshest and retains its nutritional qualities best in cooler environments, while lower temperatures also help to reduce bacterial activity and therefore maintain hygiene standards.

Not surprisingly there are strict regulations in most countries surrounding temperature and hygiene control in food handling areas. Typically, thermometers are located at strategic places around food sites, notably near doors and access points, which are read and logged automatically. In many cases these will alert managers if temperatures go out of tolerance for extended periods of time.

sara LBS offers several industrial door and loading bay solutions which offer high levels of insulation. These tend to be fitted with high speed automatic drives so that the amount of time they are open is minimised.

Further, they can also be designed for good hygiene regimes through the use of stainless steel and other materials able to withstand regular washdowns and steam cleaning and by designing out dirt traps.

Amongst food companies, sara LBS’s Sprint range of high speed curtain doors is a popular choice, possibly because they offer the fastest operating speeds on the market. As a whole the Sprint range is suitable for most indoor and some outdoor industrial applications, while specialist versions are available for food industry applications and even for certified cleanrooms.