Triathlon® Battery Solutions has brought their Premium Lithiumion batteries to the UK market, further cementing their position as a leading authority on Lithiumion batteries.

Made in Germany at their own state of the art production facility, Triathlon’s premium Lithium-ion batteries are made up of Lithiumion cells that are assembled into modules to provide the required voltages and Ah capacities.

Triathlon® offer complete Lithium-ion battery systems in all standard battery voltages from 24 – 120v and all are UN 38.3 tested.

Each battery system has an integrated monitoring system with a display unit and an opportunity charger, some of which can be built into the battery.

“We are delighted to have brought this premium Lithiumion product to the UK market” stated Triathlon’s Sales Manager Jon Wells. “Our clients have been looking for a new solution. A product that will not only help them reduce costs and save time but which will be safer and more environmentally friendly; that’s exactly what our Lithium-Ion batteries do.

We have demo Lithium-ion batteries out on sites across the country. Our customers are giving us amazing feedback and we’ve been taking orders on the back of successful trials.”

Compared to conventional Lead-Acid batteries Triathlon’s Lithium-ion technology has significant advantages:

• Can be fully charged in 1-2 hours.

• Can be charged at any time.

• Zero maintenance.

• One charger can charge up to 5 batteries.

• No need to keep spare batteries.

• No need for time-consuming battery change outs.

• Zero risk of acid spills.

• No gassing.

• 40% more energy efficient than lead-acid batteries.

• Zero costs for recycling.

Fast and Easy Conversion

Triathlon® makes it really easy to make the change from Lead- Acid to Lithium-Ion as they make the Lithium-ion batteries to fit your truck. The Lead-Acid battery is simply removed and the Lithium-ion fitted and you’re ready to go.

Pay-as-you-Go and Rental Options

When it comes to Lithium-ion batteries, Triathlon® offers a range of buying and rental options that can be tailored made to your business. They even offer Pay-as-you-Go so you never pay for more than you use. These innovative options ensure the product is made affordable, cost savings are delivered and the solution meet your needs.

Whatever your battery requirements, Triathlon® will have a solution for you. Please get in touch to discuss.


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