Bollards are a functional item, their sentinel-like presence a warning to pedestrians and drivers, their inherent strength offering protection to people and equipment.

And that’s it, right? An essential, but rather mundane product – and certainly not one to be aesthetically admired.

But what happens when bollards need to be placed in areas where a pleasant aesthetic is appropriate, or even important? Are bollards installed anyway – and the aesthetic feel of a place ruined?

Certainly, that’s been the case in the past: Bollards performing their rudimentary purpose, but to the detriment of the aesthetic environment. If we must call it by a name: an eyesore.

But not anymore.

McCue’s new Architectural Bollards complement, even enhance, the aesthetic of the environments they are deployed in.

How? Firstly, by a sleek design that incorporates a bevelled top which can incorporate any brand’s design.

Secondly, by offering companies a colour choice to suit their own aesthetic and brand preferences.

And thirdly, by seamlessly incorporating safety and practicality into the overall design: A luminous strip illuminates in the dark and the product is made from 100% recycled polyethylene, assisting companies with their green targets.

For areas such as outside dining, or where businesses simply want to provide a smarter, more attractive environment to their customers, McCue’s Architectural Bollards at last offer a solution.

Around electronic chargers, which may be in use 24-hours, McCue’s product highlights, protects and enhances the overall feel.

In store, where aesthetics are critical, Architectural Bollards give businesses the control and look they require.

In car parks or at the front of store the products’ design aspects enhance the customer experience, while maintaining a smart, branded edge.

Potted, ram raid resistant, or surface mounted – and even with the option to be removable, McCue’s Aesthetic Bollards turn a functional item into a multi-functional, aesthetically-pleasing object.

Eyesores in your customer’s eyelines are a thing of the past.


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