Clean rooms….whether located in a hospital, laboratory, pharmacy or manufacturing facility, they all have their own unique and specific requirements. The need to protect against the possibility of contaminants, minimise air consumption and maintain pressures are primary concerns which EFAFLEX high-speed doors can overcome. Using their 40+ years design and manufacturing experience ensures their installation will also contribute to reducing energy costs, safe guarding users and driving operational efficiencies as standard too.

EFAFLEX will be supporting the Cleanroom Technology conference (16 -17th May) at Birmingham’s National Conference Centre. This two-day event is designed to highlight best practice and regulations; featuring case studies, panel discussions, and papers from the leading industry experts.

EFAFLEX will showcase one of their high-speed doors demonstrating how they remain manufacturer of the world’s fastest vertically opening door. With customer scepticism at an all-time high, consumers are demanding more from suppliers before trust and a relationship are built. Recognising this, Rite-Hite UK has invested in a showroom so that their products can be put through their paces.

Hidden away in Bletchley, Milton Keynes the Rite-Hite UK showroom has recently opened to businesses who would like to look, touch and even kick their loading bay, warehouse and distribution products. Over one hundred businesses have already been through the doors and have been excited by how much there is on show.

The decision to make the investment in the showroom was made by the Managing Director Jim Smith because “We don’t want to be simply a product or service provider, we would much rather create lasting partnerships with the companies who decide to work with us. This showroom gives us the chance not only to show them what we have to offer and how it will help their businesses, but it is also a great environment to start a new relationship.”

This was further reinforced by Adrian Ancliff – Head of Production Logistics & Scheduling at Valliant Group when he said “We had been in discussion with Rite-Hite over a number of projects we had in the pipeline with our appointed account manager, but like all new relationships as a customer bringing a new supplier on board is always a leap of faith. So when we were asked to visit the customer centre in Milton Keynes, both myself and my logistics leader thought it an ideal opportunity to really look in detail at the products within an operating event… More importantly, for us, it was a breakthrough moment in the development of the relationship with Rite Hite. Clearly being able to see the product range ask questions and being able to tangibly test the products made our mind up and has now lead to Rite Hite now being one of our preferred choices for such critical logistical safety equipment.”

The Fastrax® and LiteSpeed® high-speed doors are on full display and there are many videos taken by both visitors and Rite-Hite staff of everybody breaking them out of their tracks, then watching the doors automatically reset. This is often one of the highlights of the visit as it always gets a great laugh.

The showroom is fully equipped with all of the products and visitors are encouraged to touch and interact with them. Adrian went on to add “we could clearly take the time to look, test, review and have the hardware demonstrated in a fantastic setting. During our time in Milton Keynes we looked intensively at the Fast Action doors, rain guards, dock-guards, the large fans – the list goes on and on.”

Often, visitors come to the showroom with just one product in mind. After seeing, discussing and asking questions about their chosen product, there is yet to be a visit where visitors haven’t asked and ended up discussing multiple other products that are on display.

The value doesn’t stop there, all of the Rite- Hite employees who host these visits are industry experts who are keen to share industry knowledge, tips and safe working practices. These visits aren’t just about showing off a product but are also a learning experience.

Adrian finished by saying “It is always good to have a supplier relationship where the supplier is willing to listen, but also challenge and bring innovation and ideas to the table – that is the direction we now have with Rite Hite.”

Managing Director for the UK, Darren Turrell helps explain, ‘It’s a fact. Installing an EFAFLEX door produces up to 40% lower operating costs than a comparable door when considered over its whole life. The cleanroom application is a significant and growing market for EFAFLEX. We have designed a family of products to overcome all aspects associated with cleanroom environments, with the range combining door opening speeds, great aesthetics, quality, and performance. Our smooth edged construction minimises maintenance and simplifies cleaning.’

As with all EFAFLEX high-speed doors, they are built to last. Certified to TUV for use in cleanrooms up to ISO Class 6, they can operate up to 200,000 cycles between maintenance intervals and open up to 2.5 metres per second. The newly expanded CR Series includes a Premium option; the tightest sealing door of its kind. It creates an effective seal and ensures air loss is constantly minimised. The excellent price performance ratio of the ‘ECO’ cannot fail to impress and requires little site preparation. The CRC has been developed to specifically respond to the needs of the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries where an effective seal and space requirements are critical.

Regardless of your cleanroom application, EFAFLEX has a highspeed door to match.