Stretch wrapping turntables are widely used for automated stretch wrapping of palletised loads, but what if the consignment is too large or too heavy for a turntable? What if wrapping can’t be limited to a single location?

The Optimax RSW6 robotic pallet wrapper is the answer. Simple tiller controls guide the wrapper to the pallet, but after that the wrapper takes over. Following the pallet perimeter, it completes a complete wrapping cycle without further operator assistance, and only requires 1.15 metres clearance around the pallet to operate.

Southgate will be showing RSW6 on stand 2090 at Multimodal 2018, NEC Birmingham, on 1-3 May. While there are several robotic pallet wrappers already on the market, RSW6 incorporates several unique features that make it a more attractive alternative.

Loading the film is fast and easy – open the front panel of the film carriage, pull the film across a bank of rollers and close the cover. No complicated, timewasting film path.

If the film breaks during the wrapping cycle, a patented roller design prevents the loose end from reentering the film carriage. No film jamming, and the wrapping cycle can quickly be resumed.

The film carriage pre-stretches the film as it is dispensed to give a 50-67% reduction in film usage and enhanced load stability. Changing between high and low stretch settings is fast, simple and needs no tools Stretch film is rapidly and easily loaded onto the film carriage with minimal downtime and zero error. The feed mechanism also prevents a loose film end from re-entering the carriage and causing jams.

RSW6 is also very versatile. Pallets can be double or single wrapped and you can independently program the number of reinforced wrap layers at the top, middle and base of the pallet. You can also program the height of the middle reinforced wrap. If you want to add a separate protective top cover to the pallet, the cycle will pause to allow the cover to be sandwiched between the layers of the top reinforced wrap.

The speed at which RSW6 encircles the pallet can be adjusted, and the rise and fall speeds of the film carriage can be independently changed to suit your wrapping application.

As with all Optimax equipment safety is paramount and RSW6 is equipped with a micro switched nudge bar that will stop the wrapper if it hits an obstacle. An anti-fall mechanism on the mast will hold the film carriage in place should the usual mechanism fail.

RSW6 gives you versatility, productivity and ease of use – what’s not to love?