Companies can find themselves under an investigation for various business crimes including but not limited to tax evasion, price fixing, money laundering, accounting fraud and many others. Defence for business crimes can be provided by an experienced team of lawyers, with extensive knowledge of corporate and business law as well as the proceeds of a corporate criminal law investigation.

Types of business crimes

Corporate crime has been under the spotlight in recent years, amidst the various legal changes that have taken place in the United Kingdom, with respect to preventing bribery and tax evasion, but also with regards to the more recent international business scandals such as the Panama Papers and the Paradise Papers.

Business crimes continue to focus largely on corruption and bribery cases, but they also involve investment fraud, false accounting and others. Defence for business crimes needs to take into account multiple factors, among which criminal liability and also the management of the case in terms of how it is perceived in the media, especially if it goes to court. It is important to preserve the business image even amidst a business crime prosecution and corporate offenders should always keep this in mind.

Quick and responsive action is key to managing business crimes. In most cases, the sanctions will start with a fine and with special requests for compliance that will be monitored in order to determine how the company was able to remedy the issue and apply the suggested policies.

Legal aid for business crime cases

Businesses can seek legal aid whenever they need to deal with a business crime investigation or when they need to report to different agencies and regulators. Appointing the right aid against business crime prosecutions can be done even when there is no suspicion, by instituting an internal investigation. This is a process where an expert identifies the business crime risks and presents a suitable strategy for the company.

You can request legal representation for defence against business crimes if you are involved in any of the cases described above. Business crime defence is a complex legal area and specialized advice and assistance are needed in many of these cases. We recommend seeking personalized and specialized aid.