The availability and quality of data is developing into a key factor in successful supply chain management. But whether data becomes a blessing or a curse depends primarily on the extent to which businesses along the supply chain cooperate in getting the most out of their data.

One of the greatest challenges facing businesses today when it comes to data, particularly Warehouse and Distribution hubs is quality. Digitalisation plays a big role here by interlinking data from a wide range of sources. Digitally interconnected processes that draw upon large volumes of validated data can enhance the quality of logistical services by making it possible to determine delivery dates more precisely, use transport capacities more efficiently, and plan personnel deployment in distribution hubs more reliably.

This depends on modern, integrated logistics systems, which make it possible to obtain higher-quality data. This in turn helps provide all supply chain partners with new and more comprehensive information. This information is available in real time to all participating network partners.

All this was put together in a paper by the Siemens subsidiary AXIT an IT company specialized on cloud-based solutions for supply chain management. The paper called “Data: Blessing or Curse?” also explores the obstacles that logistics professionals face on the road to the digital future and is available for free download data.

Businesses that wish to digitalise their processes must embrace change and cannot stand on the side-lines too long. In order to showcase the wide range of possibilities and advantages of a digital supply chain AXIT together with the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transportation (CILT UK) is organizing a one day conference on 26th April 2018, at the Thistle Hotel next to Heathrow/London, Bath Road. We are pleased to have seven strong speakers from differing parts of the supply chain, including Microsoft UK, Arviem AG Switzerland, IBM London and Siemens Traffic Systems who will present their views, experience and take questions.

At every connection in supply chain management, digitalisation is gaining momentum as more companies seek to see how they can gain more efficiency across external and internal logistic and supply chain functions. This conference will bring to the forefront technologies focused on securing data, mitigating risks, creating supply chain visibility and connecting silos with collaborative processes. And last but not least it’s a great networking opportunity. For a review from last year‘s event, further information and registration visit


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