Spirit Data Capture Limited, the specialist independent mobile enterprise consultancy, has recently launched a new, offthe- shelf ePoD app that will streamline a range of logistics and distribution processes. The app can be installed on a wide range of handheld devices (such as mobile computers, smartphones and tablets) and is suitable for many different markets, including food, manufacturing and logistics, distribution and wholesale.

What it does

Spirit’s new ePod app offers reliable and accurate tracking and tracing of products that have left the warehouse. It provides a fully automated and streamlined process that enables these products to be delivered quickly and effectively, along with realtime proof of the deliveries and collections. This helps to minimise the possibility of human error. The app is therefore ideal for any company that’s wholly or partly involved in distribution operations. As it’s customisable, it can be easily adapted to meet a company’s specific requirements.

The app produces reports that enable users to resolve any invoice disputes quickly, which in turn greatly reduces the risks of costly and timewasting disagreements about deliveries. As a result, customers can be billed more rapidly and with greater confidence.

How it does it

The ePoD app was developed using Spirit’s flagship software platform, Mobile Connect™. It can be easily installed on a handheld mobile device and is device and operating system agnostic – versions are available in Android, iOS and Windows. Communication is via Wifi and / or GPRS, depending on the device configuration.

The app communicates directly with Spirit’s hosted server, with near-real-time updates being available at the server and the app’s webbased dashboard when the devices have a signal. The dashboard can be used to manage users, tasks and locations, and to send messages to the driver or remote user. The app will integrate easily with a company’s existing systems and, along with the dashboard, can be customised with a company’s own brand, colours and logo.

The ePoD app includes a versatile range of modules, each of which will have its own specific appeal to different sectors, such as courier services, electrical and plumbing suppliers, builders’ merchants, furniture suppliers and many more. Users can pick the specific modules that they need.

These include:

Warehousing – When a delivery van arrives, items can be booked into a predetermined warehouse location using the ePoD app. When the items are ready for delivery, a handheld device can be used to pick them for loading onto a van.

Vehicle Inspections – ePoD will lead the operator through checks that are designed to ensure that the vehicle is fit for use. Reports on the dashboard and the handheld device provide evidence of compliance with regulations.

Task Management – The app includes GPS for location and route planning, and a Co-pilot sat nav. Route and manifest planning are carried out in the company’s warehouse / stock / third-party systems. The app schedules the jobs and the driver uses a handheld device to confirm the delivery of an item (Deliver, Fail or Card Left) or records the reason for a failed delivery. New jobs can be entered via the dashboard or imported from a file.

Deliveries – The handheld device will capture a customer’s signature when an item is delivered, and can take a photo for proof of delivery and lack of damage. The ePoD app records delivery failures, and automated triggers can be generated to send to customers. This module therefore enables the quick resolution of customer delivery or invoice questions.

Return to Depot – When items are returned to the depot, the ePoD app is used to book them off the vehicle.

Customer Surveys – The ePoD app can be used to obtain useful feedback from customers.

The app can also be used to compile reports in the form of graphs, tables and printed PDFs, as well as customised reports. Users can print items (including barcode labels) directly from their handheld device to a mobile printer.

Ebbie Khadem, Spirit’s Managing Director, comments: “We’re delighted to be able to offer this very versatile and effective application to our customers. We believe that it will boost the efficiency, reliability and productivity of their distribution operations, leading to greater customer satisfaction.”


Katrina Evans

Tel: 01928 718800

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