We all want more from less, that’s just nature. In a warehouse it is of vital importance to be aware of ways to make the absolute most out of the storage space that is available to you. It’s a more cost-effective solution than renting larger premises or renting additional space.

New contracts, lost contracts, food storage regulations and accreditations, technological advancements and faster on demand home deliveries, have all impacted the way in which goods are stored and more importantly how warehouse space is planned and maximised.

Planning for warehouse storage efficiency

The segregation of warehouse space in to contained smaller environments, all within the same location, is becoming increasingly typical.

The most common reasons for warehouse segregation is:

• Enable different types of goods to be stored directly next to each other, without the risk of cross contamination

• Enable different customers’ goods to be stored alongside each other with clear distinction on which area is which

• Control temperature between storage areas and between different product types

• Store raw materials and finished goods in one unit

• Control the spread of odours There are many problems warehouses face when looking to partition space:

• The height of warehouse buildings

• Damage caused by creating permanent partitions in a rented space or investing in a space that is not owned

• Needing a versatile, adaptable and yet cost effective solution

• Being able to segregate in tight spaces and without losing too much floor space

• Downtime and mess caused during the construction of masonry or stud partitions

So what’s the solution?

Flexiwall is a unique, lightweight, durable and easily adapted semipermanent internal partition system.

Designed and installed by Westgate Factory Dividers, it is made from reinforced fire-rated PVC fabric panels and pre-manufactured off-site.

Flexiwall removes many of the usual headaches associated with creating a partition to segregate space:

• Systems can be installed to any height, length or profile and will even fit around existing services

• Panels are suspended using existing steel work, making installations quick and clean and without the need for additional suspended ceilings

• Systems can be reconfigured and relocated should the requirements within the space change

• A range of available materials provide additional benefits including fire rating, noise reduction and light transit

• Once installed the final partition requires millimetres of floor space and can even be installed between existing racking

• Solutions are cost effective and require less planning than traditional methods

• Installation requirements enable continued operations with very little disturbance.

Have your storage requirements changed?

Westgate Factory Dividers has over 40 years’ experience and are a leading supplier and installer of semi-permanent industrial partitions and dividing solutions.

If you’re looking for an innovative solution to maximise your warehouse storage space, that can adapt to future changes within the business plus overcome various obstacles associated with traditional methods, Flexiwall is the perfect fit.

Flexiwall has been widely used in factories and warehouses nationwide and we boast a client base of some of the biggest names in the UK and Europe such as NFT, DHL, Great Bear, DSV, XPO Logistics, Kuehne & Nagel and have also worked within distribution centres for major store and online retailers including Sainsbury’s, M&S, Waitrose and Amazon.



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