Juice Stored Energy, formally known as Fortis Battery Care held a press day recently to promote their re-brand and progression into new sectors.

Fortis Battery Care grew rapidly to over 48 employees in 7 years offering first class industrial battery services across the UK. This service element remains an important part of the business going forward with existing blue chip clients including Tesco, Nestle, ALDI/Booker, Wincanton, Toyota TBH & Next.

Juice Stored Energy however is now a fast growing, independent stored energy specialist driving new opportunities across a range of sectors. The new organisation allows companies to be less dependent on the energy grid, providing the solutions for self-management and autonomy from grid providers.

Andrew Clarke, Founder and MD of Juice comments on the new initiatives; ‘Resilience is becoming increasingly critical for all businesses. Stored energy is just one element of resilience that will see organisations using power from stored energy devices, including fork lift truck batteries, to power a range of functions. In short therefore the fork lift truck battery can be used for a lot more than moving pallets. To many in distribution this is a new concept but energy managers across the country are realising the benefits of independence from the grid.’

‘In the UK there is a widening gap between demand and generation, renewable energy struggles to match the peaks in demand from consumers. Energy storage, specifically batteries, are very much the New Oil in my opinion and Juice is embracing that revolution.’ Ambitious business plans also

incorporate a range of additional products including uninterrupted power supplies for hospitals or data centres, anywhere that requires a backup, stored energy device. Emerging sectors, for which NDA’s are in place, include solar energy and electric vehicles. Exciting initiatives that could change the face of how we view energy procurement.

Irrespective of the arena Juice will provide the expertise to both create and support the necessary infrastructures across the UK. Juice are committed to innovative channels and embrace new technologies across the sector however they are also wholly committed to their work in core traditional channels.

Juice Stored Energy are currently recruiting for multiple positions within their exciting team and encourage talented candidates to apply. www.juiceenergy.co.uk