Accidents are not always caused by the rogue forklift truck driver breaking every rule in the Health & Safety handbook. Often there’s a much more silent, but no less deadly, enemy of facility protection on the loose.

It’s one that can linger for years, building its strength and chipping away at safety. And it’s everywhere – in doorways, walls, columns, floors – and especially in those turning spaces and corners where the barely perceptible bumps happen the most. Eventually, this enemy will erupt – and the consequences can be devastating.

We are talking about the accumulation of months and years of scratches, scrapes and knocks on your vital hardware. The grazes on your doorframes, the taps on your unprotected columns, the brushes on your racking legs as the forklift bends around that one particularly tricky corner.

Every bump degrades your infrastructure. Every tap weakens the integrity of the essential nuts and bolts of your building.

All of which means one thing: your vital equipment should be protected. McCue has decades in facility protection. The company’s armoury of products protect everyone from blue chip companies to independent warehouses across the world.

The range includes Deflector Posts, Guardrails, Crash Barriers, Edge Protection, Column Guards, Door Protectors, Rack Guards and much more.

Whatever your safety requirements, McCue has the solution – and what’s more, McCue’s high density polypropelene is flexible, shock absorbing, ultralow maintenance and enduring. So your facility is protected long into the future and will always look good.