AXIT PraxisForum Logistik opens the door to the digital world of top enterprises.

The IT company AXIT has assembled a cast of leading industrial and logistics enterprises to offer a glimpse into their digital data world. Attendees of the 17th PraxisForum Logistik, hosted by Siemens subsidiary AXIT in Frankenthal on April 11, can listen to leaders of the digital transformation explaining how they leverage the potential of digital information flows in their own businesses.

“Our forum this year will be a summit where the kings of data hold court,” says AXIT Head of Marketing Christian Wendt, promising a focus on innovative solutions and specific case studies that look at supply chain management and show how new analytical tools can be used to turn data into gold.

The companies on hand to share their digitalization experiences include Bayer, DB Cargo, and Roland Berger. They will be joined by AXIT, who will present innovative new solutions for digital supply chain management utilizing the AX4 logistics platform. The program will also provide ample opportunity for networking with other industry representatives and AXIT experts.

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