Union Industries is celebrating a new contract with Casepak and has installed a Ramdoor at its Materials Recycling Facility based in Leicester. The recycling and waste management company needed a robust, High-Speed Roller Door to replace the company’s current installation, which wasn’t up to the high volume of traffic and constant battering from high winds.

After visiting a local site to see Ramdoors in operation, the company was impressed with its strong qualities and placed an order with Union Industries. Casepak selected a 6m x 6m Ramdoor, specially designed to achieve a Class 5 wind resistance capacity, which was fitted with three internal and two external heavy-duty travelling Windbars to allow the door to work even under the most extreme windy conditions.

The Ramdoor also comes with standard features including a ‘Crash-Out’ facility, counterweight assisted opening, heavy duty Ramhide door blade and free-entry into the company’s Lifetime Warranty scheme. Casepak’s door was also specified with multiple safety features, comprising an electronic safety edge along the bottom beam, light grid curtains in the side guides, and also photoelectric safety cells to ensure the door cannot close if traffic is parked within the opening.

Casepak Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) handles all of your household recycling materials including paper, card, plastics, TetraPaks, foil, glass, steel, drink cans and more, for clients across the UK. The Casepak MRF works in partnership with the local authorities and commercial organisations worldwide, and recovers at least 95% of materials processed, which outputs are then resupplied to a range of reprocessors.

Lee Bradbury, Operations and Maintenance Manager at Casepak said, “We first saw an example of one of Union’s doors in an airport, which clearly has extreme wind conditions, and it prompted us to make an enquiry. Although the quote for the Ramdoor was far more than we had invested in our doors previously, the benefits of Union’s Lifetime Warranty scheme outweighed the costs of repairing and maintaining our previous door.”

Casepak’s new Ramdoor from Union Industries.

Alan Hirst, Sales Director at Union Industries added, “It’s always exciting to win new business, especially when it comes with the potential of another loyal customer. Windy conditions can often cause major problems for large doors on factories and warehouses, so they need durable, sturdy solutions in place. Our doors, particularly the Ramdoor from our range, certainly have those characteristics and that, combined with Union Industries being one of only a few suppliers of doors with a Class 5 wind-speed rating in the country, reinforces our position at the forefront of the Rapid Roll Door market.”

Leeds-based Union Industries manufactures a range of industrial products, including its marketleading range of Industrial Rapid Roller Doors that are commonly regarded as the best in industry. These fast acting doors, from the Matadoor range, are installed in distribution centres, warehouses, factories and storage facilities to improve logistics and save heat loss for companies across the UK and Europe including Tesco, Cummins, ASDA, TRW, Lidl, Jaguar Land Rover and Bidvest Foodservice.

From its origins as a tarpaulin maker and repairer, Union has evolved to become a specialised bespoke manufacturer of advanced heavy duty textile products for both Civil and Military applications. The subsequent development of the company’s engineering capabilities led on to the creation of the current range of High Speed Industrial Doors, including the unique Eiger Freezer Door.