Pilgrim Foodservice is a family owned supplier of high quality frozen, chilled and ambient products to the foodservice industry. They recently added a state-of-the-art, purpose-built butchery facility to their Marsh Lane site. Against, fierce competition Stommpy UK was awarded the contract to install its unique protective barrier systems.

When building its new state-ofthe- art bespoke butchery facility, Pilgrim Foodservice Ltd wanted to maintain the construction and high levels of quality finish.

To ensure that walling and doors remained protected, several companies including Stommpy UK were invited to present details of their barrier systems to the Pilgrim Foodservice, Site Services & Compliance Manager, from which three suppliers were selected to quote.

All selected companies were given the same detailed briefs and Stommpy UK was asked to tender for the project against another plastic barrier company and a stainless steel barrier system.

Stommpy UK was selected as the supplier due to its products high hygiene levels, food contact approval and new revolutionary patented system of fast anchorage – backed by a 5yr guarantee. Stommpy UK installed the barrier systems on time and within budget and further barriers have been ordered for other areas.

STOMMPY® Shockproof patented bumper system

STOMMPY® Shockproof patented bumper system is designed to protect door openings, walls, machinery and storage equipment being subject to risk bumps by moving carts, as well as enhancing pedestrian safety. The guardrails and barriers are constructed from Tecklene® a highperformance, non-toxic polymer material that bends, but never breaks – ensuring full safety! The composition is shatterproof and offers many additional benefits including the elimination of rust and is certified for use in the most demanding hygienic conditions, such as food processing and pharmaceutical-hospital environments.

STOMMPY® Shockproof guardrails and barriers.

The patented floor anchoring system named FIXA Block System® is covered by a 5 year guarantee against resulting floor damage due to a collision with any STOMMPY® shockproof barrier system (under normal working conditions). This unique anchorage system can save an incredible amount of time and money in maintaining and repairing barrier damages, which contributes the optimal ROI.”

External barrier system protects plant

Stommpy UK reported, “In addition to the internal protective barrier systems, we also installed external ‘flag bollards’ to protect high value ammonia plant and generators. Although built in Tecklene® – the polymer of high resistance, the use of this bollard is recommended for its maximum visibility colour. The smooth rounded shapes support rapid cleaning and easy maintenance procedures.”

With a fleet of multi-temperature vehicles manoeuvring on site, Pilgrim Foodservice selected STOMMPY® protective barrier system due to its unique fixing system that allows the barrier to be easily removed as and when required. In addition to the high vis yellow, the system has optional LED photovoltaic lights that charge during the day and flash at night to help drivers when manoeuvring during low light levels.

Site Services & Compliance Manager – Gary Fisher commented, “We chose the STOMMPY barriers due to a number of reasons. We were impressed by the high quality hygiene standards offered by the barriers; maintaining our rigorous technical standards is of vital importance. The patented floor anchoring system is structurally more stable compared to other systems we viewed, and will provide long-term protection.”


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