The full service digital marketing agency KW Digital originally started out as the marketing department of the valve manufacturers MGA Controls. But from these small beginnings, they grew to become a fully fledged company of their own that specialises in providing all forms of marketing services to the process industry sector.

Even after they went independent, KW Digital were still occupying the first floor at MGA Controls but growing quickly. Soon they needed a premises of their own and their chosen space required an office mezzanine floor solution that made the most of the available space and created room to expand in the future.

KW digital were keen to utilise a Principal Contractor and Principal Designer that they could trust and because of their past experience of working with Nexus Workspace, they were the obvious choice.

‘Eight or nine years ago, I converted one of these buildings and took on the role of project manager. It was a lot of work, it was very time consuming. I found it a much more efficient use of time to work with a company that I trust, that I had a good relationship with and one that I knew would take the strain of delivering my build to time and cost’. – David Wilson Director, KW Digital

Nexus were commissioned to manage the whole process for KW Digital, from design through to implementation.

As with any project, the health and safety of all on site is paramount. Therefore to ensure the health and safety of everyone, KW Digital had to ensure that the company chosen to implement the build would make sure all procedures that safeguarded the workers were followed.

‘As a client and indeed as a landlord, I’d say that whilst I’m very mindful of my legal obligations of the health and safety of any workers on site, I’d be the first to hold my hands up and say I’m not fully aware of all the intimate details that are required within that. It worked really well to hand that responsibility to Mathew Barnes (Nexus Workspace) as my Principal designer and in doing that, Mathew was taking responsibility on my behalf for the health and safety of the workers on site’.

Once KW digital had chosen Nexus to carry out the project, they had to inform us of their requirements. KW Digital wanted a modern and clean finish that really represented what they are to their clients. The facilities needed to promote teamwork and be a fantastic place that their employees would look forward to coming to everyday and working in.

‘I sat down with Mathew Barnes, we played around with certain CAD drawings, we looked at the size of the departments, we looked at how we would have some isolation for the development team, some quiet thinking time, some creative thinking space and some breakout areas for the team to relax. So by sitting with Mathew, we came up with what we consider to be the perfect design’.

It was important to KW Digital that they had a premises to be proud of, one that they could invite potential clients into to seal the deal.

‘When you invite clients into your premises, your premises becomes your showpiece, it says a lot about your image, it says a lot about who you are to clients. It’s very important to us that we have a high quality building, a building that leaves a lasting impression with the client and I think we’ve achieved that’.

The project included the design and build of an office mezzanine floor which featured two open plan office spaces, three individual office spaces and a Director’s office. The design also includes a large meeting room and a kitchen/breakout area which features an island and television. Male, female and disabled WC facilities were also created on the ground floor.

KW Digital stressed that the facilities needed to be future-proof as they envisioned themselves expanding even more in the near future,

‘We have growth plans for the business, we expect to be doubling in turnover over the next two or three years. That will mean a considerable increase in staff numbers. The current capacity this premises gives us is 32 with existing desks, so it will allow us to remain in this location for the next two or three years, by which time I think we’ll be looking at opening up another office, maybe in another city’.

KW Digital now have the office premises they desired and are well placed to continue their expansion without the need to move premises again in the near future.

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