An efficient warehouse is critical to customer satisfaction and in today’s global market, businesses need creative ways to maximise their customer value while minimising waste. Inhouse teams are often equipped in dealing with maintenance for a wide range of practices that improve lean and 72.6% of facilities have capabilities to carry out internal line marking and surface maintenance themselves. Thanks to latest innovations and working with our customers Meon are able to provide a plethora of products to assist this, from marking paint to hard wearing, highly visible tapes.

Clear delineation of a warehouse is one aspect of great facility management, and with a number of people moving safety is often one of if not the highest priority for facility managers. No matter if you believe your warehouse is safe enough, it’s extremely important to mark the floors in order to create a safer environment for your employees. This is the case because there are many things in your warehouse that can end up causing harm to team members.

Clear storage, demarcation and correctly marked zones are often a key contribution to maintaining even the busiest of site. Eliminating waste along the entire value stream creates processes that need less human effort, space, capital and time to deliver. Those companies that deploy lean thinking are able to respond to their customers’ needs more effectively than traditional businesses, whilst still reducing their costs.

Visual communication is a key element for any lean facility management system. Floor line marking is the most effective way to create a visual map to ensure staff safely navigate the facility; it can be used to highlight work zones, traffic lanes, clear zones, loading/unloading bay and pedestrian walkways.


Warehouses and distribution centres are usually high traffic areas, both pedestrian and vehicle, meaning that lines and marking often wear rapidly, especially in abrasive environments. In these internal environments, use of petrol-powered machines is usually prohibited due to fumes, meaning markings usually have to be applied by hand. Calling in contractors and planning a line marking operation often means down time and in busy periods this can often mean a loss of revenue.


Meon work with asset owners to deliver worldclass solutions to their facility providing real tangible measures throughout the supply chain and maximising whole life costs. Offering training to in-house teams and empowering them to deliver great surfaces, Meon offer a support network that means the facility manager can take control of the line marking operation, reducing downtime and maintaining a perfect surface.

Using 20 years of experience Meon provide solutions for almost any application including internal and external systems, products such as the Graco LineLazer ES1000, the first electric powered line marking machine, this ensures that in areas with high susceptible to fumes are protected. Meon are able to provide training on this machine and the whole range of LineLazers, along with the water-based range of surface solutions SureStripe ideal for line marking applications and Floorcote for larger surface coatings, that also come in an slip-resistant formula for added safety.

Looking to increase productivity, efficiency and safety to your site? Please contact Meon to find out how small changes can lead to big results, working together to deliver great surfaces.


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