As one of JCB’s Approved Suppliers, Longhe UK is totally committed to supporting the JCB Group in their growth, and General Manager, Lily Fu has already put resource plans in place to help JCB meet their ambitions. Lily advised that “Telehandler volumes are already set to exceed 100 machines per day in the first quarter of 2018, and Longhe UK is providing additional resources for, and working even more closely with, the buying and production teams, to ensure they achieve – or even exceed planned savings budgets.

Building on our bespoke products success with the JCB account, we are busy rolling out similar services to other OEM companies located in the UK, Ireland and Western Europe – Case New Holland, for just one example. We’re not just confining our thrust to larger OEMs, because we’ve already identified massive potential in the small-medium sector – and not just Yellow Goods. We can service the requirements from our own factory, of any business looking for complex steel fabrications – and the cost-savings that go with along with ‘best-cost-country’ sourcing.

Additionally, we have developed two exciting services to run in tandem. Firstly, for those companies who already have aspirations to trade with China, but prefer to trade direct, we can offer our extensive purchasing experience, and my personal knowledge of the Chinese supplier base on a consultancy basis, to help them source product effectively in China. That doesn’t stop at fabrications…it could be plastics, castings and forgings, proprietary goods…there’s really no limit!

Secondly, we are providing an engineering-based consultation service to help off-shore suppliers to interpret and deal with the complex needs of OEMs….engineering drawings and specifications…. Western European materials standards, to name but a few”.

Andy Carr, Business Development Manager confirmed that “Longhe UK is enjoying huge growth in requests for quotations from all the main product divisions, as well as many other OEM’s. We are readily keeping pace with the influx of ‘natural’ enquiries, but in addition, we’re developing close partnerships with three major JCB teams, supporting resource projects for current product, as well as new product introductions. And, whilst assisting in the impressive volume growth at JCB, we are also working to help their buyers to achieve cost-saving targets, manufacturing their innovative products, and providing solutions to problem supply issues.”

Andy went on to say “I’m delighted with the latest developments and opportunities for Longhe UK at JCB. We’re forging great new relationships, based on openness and trust. The purchasing teams have been quick to appreciate the potential for seamless partnership, (provided by Lily and myself) between JCB and our manufacturing plant in China. We provide a level of support unrivalled by any other far Eastern manufacturer. We’re on their doorstep; at the end of a phone; in their time zone, and at their convenience – all of these benefits help to nullify the problems of an 8-hour time difference, and 6000 miles. As ex-JCB buyers with more than 23 years’ combined service, Lily and I instinctively understand the needs, systems and politics of OEMs. We know what’s critical to them, and we are familiar with the drawing requirements and JCB Standards, to the extent that we can actually anticipate many of the clarification questions, and therefore speed the transmission of information to and from our engineering teams. The aim is: product right – first time.

Our mission is to grow with and support JCB as well as the wider OEM business community in all aspects of our commercial relationships!