In Warehouse Systems Limited you have a SEMA partner who can provide help, advice and training on a regular basis. We are committed to helping our clients get the best value out of their storage solution through the whole of its life cycle by ensuring an easy safe operation.


All forms of racking come under the 1998 Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER). This means that you have a duty under the law to keep it in good working order and a good state of repair. PUWER also makes provision for the need for inspections at suitable intervals and keeping a record of those inspections.


With a detailed inspection we can assess you current racking systems for safety and stability. Reducing and preventing damage comes with the added benefits of reducing down time in your operation, reducing maintenance/repair costs and keeping your staff safe. An unsafe system could lead to additional costs for such things as stock replacement, temporary storage and even legal proceedings which can reduce productivity and damage your business’ reputation


Rack Inspection – Our qualified inspectors carry out a thorough inspection that will check for damage and ensure your racking setup meets SEMA guidelines. We will provide a full written report, and if any areas of damage are found we will detail this and include quotation for repair work.

Repair Works – Once the inspection has been complete we can use this information to repair the system and restore your racks to good working order, quickly and with minimal disruption.

Site Inspection and Mapping – Unsure of what you have in your warehouse and how it can be used? Moving into new premises with racking already present but there are no load notices?

A trained inspector can visit your warehouse to complete a full inspection and measure all your storage equipment. The rack report will highlight any damage and include a drawing of the warehouse detailing the sections, dimensions and manufacturer type of all components.

Staff Training – An NVQ qualified trainer from WSL will come too your site and provide a half day training course for up to four members of staff. This will allow those trainees to implement key skills such as how to recognise the signs of damage, when equipment should no longer be used and how to structure a user damage report.

Spares Packages – Neatly keep replacements for easily damaged racking components to hand, saving time on waiting or slowing down operations.

For over 25 years  WSL have supplied businesses across the UK with Mezzanine Floors, Shelving and Racking. WSL rack inspections are conducted to ensure that your racking meets SEMA codes and guidelines and the latest health and safety regulations


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